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The introduction of concrete admixtures

2022-01-13 16:35:36  Blog

Concrete admixture is a substance mixed in the process of mixing concrete to improve the performance of concrete, and the mixing amount is not more than 5% of the cement mass.

 Classification of concrete admixtures

1. Additives for improving the rheological properties of concrete mixtures, including various Superplasticizer, concrete foaming agents and pumping agents.

2. Additives for adjusting the setting time and hardening performance of concrete, including retarders, early-strength agents and accelerators.

3. Additives to improve the durability of concrete, including air-entraining agents, waterproofing agents and rust inhibitors.

4. Additives to improve other properties of concrete, including air-entraining agents, concrete foaming agents, antifreeze agents, coloring agents, waterproofing agents and pumping agents.


Superplasticizer refers to an admixture that can keep the workability of concrete unchanged, while significantly reducing its mixing water consumption. Since the water reducing agent is added to the mixing house, if the unit water consumption is not changed, the workability can be significantly improved. Therefore, water reducing agent is also called plasticizer.

26A produced by our company is a high-efficiencySuperplasticizer with a water-reducing effect of up to 30-40%.

Early Strength Agent

The admixture that accelerates the development of the early strength of concrete becomes the early strength agent. This type of concrete can accelerate the process of cement hydration, improve the early strength of concrete, and has no significant effect on the later strength.

Concrete Foaming agent:

In the process of mixing concrete, the admixture that can introduce a large number of uniformly distributed, stable and closed tiny bubbles is called foaming agent. The foaming agent can be introduced into the concrete mixture with a diameter of about

Bubbles of 0.05~1.25mm can improve the workability of concrete and improve the frost resistance of concrete. It is suitable for port engineering, hydraulic engineering, underground waterproof concrete and other projects.

Retarder Agent:

Additives that prolong the setting time of concrete are called retarders.

Luoyang Tongrun Info Technology Co., Ltd., the leading technology developer and application manufacturer of light weight concrete additives, proudly announces their latest discovery which is centred towards the new ways for foaming cement , self-foaming cement; a popular cement admixture developed by the company. It is suitable for Portland cement conventional foam concrete cast-in-place, block, sheet, and thermal insulation wall.

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