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The prospect of the foam concrete industry

2023-06-20 17:00:01  Blog

How do you add foaming agents to concrete?

The method of adding foaming agent to concrete is as follows:

1. Pre-foaming: the foaming agent is mixed with water proportionately and stirred evenly to make a uniform mixture.

2. Direct addition: add the foaming agent directly to the concrete mixer and mix well with other raw materials (such as cement, sand, gravel, etc.).

3. Foam injection: put the foaming agent and other raw materials (such as cement, sand, gravel, etc.) into the concrete mixer and inject foam into the mixing process.

It should be noted that the dosage of foaming agents should be strictly controlled, the specific dosage should be determined according to the actual situation, and experimental verification should be carried out in the laboratory to ensure that the product's performance meets the expected requirements.

Can synthetic concrete foaming agents be used to make blocks?

Synthetic concrete foaming agents can be used to make blocks.

CLC block special foaming agent, also known as a concrete foaming agent, is a hydraulic cementitious material specially used to produce autoclaved aerated concrete blocks (i.e., CLC blocks).

What is the best concrete foaming agent?

It is impossible to answer the question of which cement-blowing agent is the best because they have different characteristics and applicable scenarios.

Here are some ordinary cement foaming agents and their characteristics:

1. Animal protein cement foaming agent: it has good foam stability and closed cell rate, but it has the disadvantage of high cost.

2. Plant protein cement foaming agent: foaming power and stability is relatively balanced, but the cost is also high.

3. Compound cement foaming agent: it combines the advantages of many kinds of cement foaming agents, has good foam stability and closed cell rate, and the cost is relatively low.

Different cement foaming agents are suitable for different scenarios, and selecting appropriate foaming agents needs to be considered according to specific needs and costs.

Therefore, when selecting a cement foaming agent, it needs to be chosen according to the project's actual situation and the use requirements.


The prospect of the foam concrete industry

Foam concrete is a new type of building material, which has the advantages of lightweight, heat insulation, and sound insulation, so it is known as "green building material."

With people's higher and higher requirements for building energy saving and environmental protection, the market prospect of foamed concrete is broader.

First, the construction industry has higher and higher requirements for energy saving and environmental protection, making foamed concrete the "new favorite" of the building materials market.

Foam concrete has an excellent performance in thermal insulation, thermal insulation, and sound insulation of buildings, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and noise pollution of buildings and improve people's quality of life.

Secondly, with the acceleration of urbanization and the continuous expansion of infrastructure construction, foam concrete has also been more widely used.

In constructing infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and subways, foam concrete can play the role of lightweight, heat insulation, and sound insulation to improve the quality and stability of infrastructure.

Finally, with the continuous progress and innovation of science and technology, foam concrete's production technology and application fields are also expanding.

Many enterprises have begun to develop and produce foamed concrete and continue to introduce new products and technologies to meet the market's changing needs.

To sum up, foamed concrete has an extensive market prospect and will be more widely used in building materials and infrastructure in the future.

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