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Three Gorges Dam crack repair method-Concrete anti-cracking agent plays a key role

2024-01-19 09:56:26  Blog

There is a famous water conservancy project in China called Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydropower station in the world. However, some crack problems have been discovered in recent years, which has caused concern and concern. To solve this problem, engineers researched and adopted a new repair method: repair using high-performance concrete and polymer additives.

Cement Anti-crack Agent Preventing Cracks 

High-performance concrete is a high-strength, high-durability building material. It has good compression, bending and penetration resistance properties. This high-strength concrete is needed to repair cracks because the Three Gorges Dam is under tremendous water pressure.

Polymer additives are another important material for repairing cracks. Polymer additives can increase concrete bonding and durability and improve its cracking resistance. Polymer additives can fill the splits and bond with the concrete to improve overall stability and endurance when repairing fractures.

So, what are the specific repair steps? Crews will need to clean and prepare the cracks. They will use high-pressure water guns to remove impurities and loose concrete from the surface of the cracks to ensure that the repair materials can fully adhere.

Crews will prepare a mix of high-performance concrete and polymer additives. They will adjust the proportions according to the specific situation to ensure that the materials used perform best. Once mixed, the patching material is ready to be applied.

Before applying repair material, workers will ensure the crack's surface is moist. This is because concrete and polymer additives must be in contact with moisture to work best. Once the surface is wet, they use a scraper or sprayer to apply the repair material to the crack evenly.

Cement Anti-crack Agent Preventing Cracks 

After application, the repair material needs to be cured. Workers commonly utilize a moist cloth or covering film to keep the repair material moist and prevent early drying, fracturing, or peeling. The curing time is usually 2 to 4 weeks. During this period, the condition of the repair material should be checked regularly, and necessary adjustments should be made.

Using high-performance concrete and polymer additives for repairs can solve the crack problem of the Three Gorges Dam effectively. This repair method not only enhances the stability and strength of the crack but also extends the service life of the dam. At the same time, this method is environmentally friendly, economical, and fast and plays a positive role in keeping the security and reliability of water conservancy projects.

Repairing cracks in the Three Gorges Dam is an important engineering task. The repair service strategy utilizing high-performance concrete and polymer active ingredients can ensure the top quality and toughness of the repair result. Through scientific construction technology and strict quality control, the Three Gorges Dam will better undertake its hydropower generation and flood control tasks and bring more benefits to people.

Concrete anti-cracking agents are useful in concrete repair.

Boost the anti-crack efficiency of concrete: Anti-crack representatives can form a particular fiber structure in concrete, which can efficiently enhance the tensile strength of concrete, consequently boosting its anti-crack performance.

Lower the contraction contortion of concrete: Concrete will certainly shrink and deform throughout the drying process, and this contortion will create cracks in the concrete. Anti-crack agents can control the shrinkage and deformation of concrete, thereby reducing concrete cracks.

Cement Anti-crack Agent Preventing Cracks 

Improve the durability of concrete: By using anti-cracking agents, the load-bearing capacity, durability and impermeability of concrete can be improved. This allows the concrete to withstand erosion from various environmental variables much better during usage, thereby increasing its life span.

Increase the plasticity of concrete: Anti-cracking agents can improve the fluidity of concrete, make the concrete more uniform during pouring, and reduce voids and defects within the concrete. This avoids over-vibration, one of the causes of cracks in concrete. Excessive vibration can separate the aggregate within the concrete, causing cracks in the concrete.

Enhance the toughness of concrete: Using anti-cracking agents can improve the toughness of concrete, making the concrete have better ductility and tensile properties when stressed, thereby reducing concrete cracking.


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