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White House security upgraded: cement piers reinforced outside the 2.5-meter barbed wire fence-Concrete Early Strength Agent is really important

2024-01-17 09:26:44  Blog

Cement strength, also known as concrete strength concrete hardener, is an agent that can greatly change the final setting time while ensuring the quality of concrete is reduced.

Concrete strength can improve the compressive strength of concrete and speed up the molding speed. The sleeve accelerates the turnover of the formwork, saves the amount of formwork, saves energy, saves cement, reduces production costs, and improves the output of concrete products.

Concrete Early Strength Agent 

The fence near the White House is reinforced with concrete piers.

Overseas network news, according to CNN, in response to the protestors, the security situation near the White House has been continuously upgraded. In addition to erecting a nearly 2.5-meter-high iron mesh fence, cement piers that prevent vehicle collisions have been reinforced. This scene is often seen every four years during the presidential inauguration parade.

Demonstrations across the United States entered their ninth day on the 4th. On the same day, CNN reporter Betsy Klein wrote on Twitter that the White House would further strengthen the nearby fence with large trucks transporting more fences. The videos and photos he took show that many workers are installing fences, and cement piers have been reinforced behind some fences.

Vehicles loaded with fences near the White House

After street protests broke out in Washington, U.S. President Trump threatened protesters that if they dared to cross the White House fence, they would be greeted by the most vicious dogs and the most vicious weapons.

Concrete Early Strength Agent 

Installing fences near the White House

However, these remarks were refuted by Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser. Muriel Bowser responded, "The D.C. Police Department will always protect Washington, D.C. and all the people in it, whether I agree with them or disagree. There are no vicious dogs or weapons here, just one man who is scared, cowardly, And lonely."

On June 1, after the US police cleared the way, Trump went to the "Church of the Presidents." (Associated Press)

According to the Associated Press report, on the night of May 29, as hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the White House, with some throwing stones and dragging police cordons, the Secret Service sent Trump to the White House bunker for nearly an hour. But Trump explained on June 3 that going to the bunker was an "inspection" and had nothing to do with the protests.

The role of concrete early strength agent

Help cement harden quickly at low temperatures and make concrete reach strength quickly.

1. When the temperature is low, the hardening strength of the mortar is slower, especially in some frozen soil areas. The lower the strength, the greater the harm to the mortar. If the mortar is damaged by freezing, it will cause permanent damage to the mortar, so in lower temperatures, an Early strength agent must be added under the temperature

2. Make concrete reach higher strength quickly to meet the requirements of withstanding external forces.

3. Adding an early strength agent can make the cement harden quickly under low-temperature conditions, greatly shorten the final setting time of the concrete, and make it demold as soon as possible. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the concrete, the cement slurry can be greatly improved. Improve the strength of mortar and concrete, reduce production costs, and increase the output of concrete products, especially during winter construction or in urgent repair projects

4. Incorporating early-strength agents can also enhance the effects of water reduction, reinforcement, and concrete compaction, giving full play to the characteristics of early-strength agents.

Concrete Early Strength Agent 

Application scope of coagulation strength agent

1. When constructing in a low-temperature environment below -5 °C, early strength additives must be added to accelerate the setting and hardening. Otherwise, low-temperature cement concrete will cause freezing damage, accelerate formwork turnover, and improve construction efficiency.

2. Fast-pass cement concrete pavement, especially at level crossings. When paving cement concrete pavement in one direction, the manufacturing difficulty and cost also increase. It can be constructed with early-strength cement concrete, which can facilitate vehicle traffic in a short period.

3. It can be used to rapidly repair cement concrete pavements and bridges, open up traffic as soon as possible, and improve traffic efficiency.


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