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Uses For a Mini Foam Generator

2023-05-04 13:00:04  Blog

A mini foam generator is a small, portable, battery powered unit that produces foam from a pressurized water supply. They are ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including firefighting and hazmat emergency response.

Foam Concrete SSM-FC-500

Foam concrete is an economical, eco-friendly and durable construction material. It can be used for foundation footings, slabs and sub-floors. It is also suitable for use on buildings with a large amount of vertical surface area.

Using a mini foam generator is a great way to make a large quantity of aircrete quickly and inexpensively, without the need for heavy equipment. The aircrete foam is made with a high pressure mix of detergent, air and water that can be purchased at any home improvement store or supermarket.

Li'L Bit Foam Generators

A Viper Li'L Bit foam generator is an extremely portable foam generator that is constructed to the same commercial quality standards as our larger commercial generators. These foam generators are designed for smaller jobs requiring less than 6 cubic feet per minute of foam, and work perfectly with portable concrete mixers or other foam-producing equipment.

Self-Inducing models are also available to produce the required foam directly from the drum. These units simply require a pressurized water supply and synthetic foam concentrate to operate.

Ultrasound Defoaming Methods

Various ultrasound-based methods of foam destruction have been proposed. These include acoustic shock treatment, the vibration of bubbles, and the turbulence produced by acoustic waves. The efficacy of these techniques is dependent on acoustic intensity, frequency, and the length of time to be treated.

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