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What Admixture For Early Strength?

2023-04-30 23:30:02  Blog

What admixture for early strength?

Increasing concrete’s early strengths is a common construction requirement. Concrete with increased early strength can be used for rapid form reuse, precast concrete for fast production of elements, high-speed cast-in-situ construction and speedy repair of pavements.

Admixtures are chemicals that modify the properties of concrete so it is more suitable to the application. They are usually added to the concrete mix immediately before or during mixing.

Water-reducing admixtures decrease the water-cementitious ratio (w/c) and increase the concrete’s early strengths, but some admixtures can also be used to improve plasticity and hardening. These admixtures are typically designed for commercial and residential flatwork applications, although some are available for high-strength concrete.

Set retarder - A type of admixture that delays the initial setting and final setting time of concrete. It can be applied to concrete being placed and finished in temperatures other than optimum conditions or when the concrete is to be transported long distances.

Accelerating admixtures are additives that accelerate the development of early strength and shorten the setting time, often requiring no change in the final hardening temperature. They can be composed of a variety of compounds, including calcium chloride, calcium formate, triethanolamine, soluble organic salts, sodium nitrite, sodium sulfate and potassium nitrite.

Antifreeze - An additive that reduces freeze thaw cracking and helps concrete to withstand freezing and thawing. It has been used in applications such as basement floor and side wall concrete, steel tube concrete, super long structure concrete, concrete projects with waterproof requirements and other projects requiring low shrinkage and high resistance to freeze-thaw action.

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