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What Should be Paid Attention to When Using Early Strength Agent?

2022-06-27 16:42:52  Blog

What is Early Strength Agent?

The admixture that can accelerate the development of concrete early strength is called early strength agent.


Different Types of Early Strength Agents

Strong electrolyte inorganic salts, such as sulfate, sulfate double salt, nitrate, nitrite, chloride salt, etc. 

Water-soluble organic compounds, such as triethanolamine, formate, acetate, propionate, etc. 

Others such as organic compounds and inorganic salt compounds; 

Early strength water reducing agent made of early strength agent and water reducing agent.


Application Ranges of Early Strength Agents

Early strength agent early strength water reducing agent is suitable for steam curing concrete and normal temperature, low temperature and minimum temperature is not less than -5 environment construction of early strength requirements of concrete engineering. 


Early strength agents, as well as early strength water reducing agent, should not be used in hot environments.


Chemical substances that are harmful to human body or pollute the environment after being mixed into concrete are strictly prohibited to be used as early strength agents, and admixtures containing ammonium nitrate are strictly prohibited to be used in office, residential and other construction projects. 


Early strength agent and early strength water reducing agent containing chlorine salt are strictly prohibited in the following structures: 

Prestressed concrete structure;

Structure used in the environment with relative humidity greater than 80%, the structure in the changing part of water level, the open-air structure and the structure often subjected to water and water erosion;

Mass concrete; 

Structures in direct contact with acids, bases or other aggressive media;

Structures that are often in an environment where the temperature is above 60 and must be prefabricated reinforced concrete members by steam curing; 

Concrete with decorative requirements, especially those requiring consistent color or metal decoration on the surface;

Thin-walled concrete structure; 

Concrete structures in which aggregate has alkali activity. 


In the following concrete structures, it is strictly prohibited to use early strength agent and early strength water reducing agent containing strong electrolytes and inorganic salts:

Structures in contact with galvanized steel or aluminum-iron, and structures with exposed steel bars and embedded iron without protective measures; 

Structure using DC power supply and the structure within 100m from high voltage DC power supply. 


Early strength agent containing potassium and sodium ion is used in concrete structure with alkali activity of aggregate, the alkali content of early strength agent should not exceed 1kg/m, and the total alkali content of concrete should conform to the provisions of the standard.


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