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What is Air Entraining Agent?

2023-07-20 11:56:59  Blog

What is Air Entraining Agent?

Air Entraining Agent refers to introducing a large number of evenly distributed tiny bubbles in the concrete mixing process to reduce the bleeding and segregation of the concrete mixture, improve workability, and significantly improve the frost resistance and durability of the hardened concrete admixture.

Most air-entraining agents are anionic surfactants. On the water-air interface, the hydrophobic group is directionally adsorbed toward the air side.

The hydrated particles form a hydrophobic adsorption layer and try to be close to the air surface so that a large number of fine air bubbles are generated during the mixing process of the concrete.

These air bubbles have directional adsorption layers with the same charge, so they repel each other and can be distributed evenly.

On the other hand, many anionic air-entraining agents have calcium salt precipitation in the cement solution with high calcium content, and they are adsorbed on the bubble film, which can effectively prevent the bubbles from bursting.

Features of Air Entraining Agent

1. It has the remarkable characteristics of fine, uniform, and lasting air bubbles.

2. It can improve the workability and pumpability of concrete.

3. Inhibits segregation and water secretion.

4. Improves freeze-thaw resistance and durability.

5. Reduce the slump loss.

6. It is suitable for formulating concrete for hydraulic, marine, port, culvert, tunnel, bridge, road, and other projects.

7. It is suitable for various mortars.

What is Air Entraining Agent used for?

1. Air-entraining admixtures facilitate the development of a system of microscopic air bubbles within concrete during mixing. They improve the workability of concrete mixtures.

2. Significantly improve the impermeability and frost resistance of concrete.

3. Reduce concrete strength. Generally, when the air content of concrete increases by 1%, its compressive strength will decrease by 4% to 6%, and its flexural strength will decrease by 2% to 3%.

Where is air-entrained cement used?

The main use of air-entrained concrete is freeze-thaw resistance. In freezing, the air void provides a pressure relief point, and the water inside the concrete freezes without causing large internal stre.

What are air-entrained materials?

Air-entrained cement is a special type of cement that introduces air bubbles into the cement or concrete to provide space for the expansion of tiny water droplets formed by freezing and thawing in the concrete to prevent damage or cracks in the concrete.

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