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What is concrete release agent?

2023-08-10 14:57:33  Blog

What is concrete release agent?

The concrete release agent is a substance applied to construction formwork before concrete pouring to prevent the formwork from sticking to the concrete surface. It ensures that the formwork can be removed easily without affecting the smoothness of the concrete surface. The primary objective of a release agent is to form a layer between the formwork and concrete surface, which separates them from one another.

Features of Concrete Release Agent

1. Concrete release agent is an environmentally friendly product with water-based polymer compound formula.

2. Concrete release agent is non-toxic, tasteless, non-combustible, and easy to use.

3. The concrete release agent has excellent isolation performance and easily removes the formwork.

4. The concrete release agent forms a film quickly and is resistant to water erosion to protect the formwork.

5. Concrete release agent The concrete surface is clean, smooth, and pollution-free.

What is concrete release agent used for ?

In concrete engineering construction, a concrete release agent is widely used in various steel formwork, wood formwork, bamboo plywood, plastic board, and concrete countertops. It is suitable for various formwork projects such as cast-in-place and prefabricated concrete steel molds and wooden molds;

Air-cured formwork has a good effect; it is also suitable for molding sliding formwork.

How long can the release agent stay on the concrete?

Once the release agent is used, do not trowel the material into the concrete. Brick Antique Release Agent should be removed from concrete surfaces when removal can be done safely without causing any damage to the cured concrete surface. Typically, this is at least 24-48 hours after stamping.

Concrete Release Agent Supplier

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