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Collapse accident of Florida apartment building in the United States -- cement anti-crack agent to prevent foam concrete cracking

2024-02-05 12:14:05  Blog

The collapse of the Side Apartments building and the collapse of the Knickerbocker Theater is the third most severe self-destructive building disaster in the United States, after the collapse of the Hyatt Regent overpass in Kansas City and the collapse of the Pemberton Mill.

After the accident, the damaged houses and the families of the victims filed a lawsuit demanding an investigation from the federal and state governments. The lawsuit lasted for nearly a year. On June 23, 2022, Judge Michael Huntsman of the Miami Dade Circuit Court in Florida announced that a settlement agreement for the collapse of the Miami apartment building had been reached, and the victims and families would receive a settlement of $1.02 billion; most of the settlement funds will be used to compensate those who lost their families in the accident, with approximately $100 million specifically used to pay for legal fees, and $96 million reserved for the owner of one of the 136 units in the lost building.


Suffer heavy causalities

On July 26, 2021, the search and rescue operation for the collapse of Florida apartments officially ended, resulting in 98 deaths and 11 injuries.

The Foreign Minister of Paraguay's President Mario Afdo Benitez has stated that they are unable to locate the sister, brother-in-law, and three children of Paraguay's First Lady Silvana Lopez Moreira; the Paraguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs also reported that six Paraguayan citizens were missing. On July 9, Moreira's sister and family were confirmed to have died in the incident.

Venezuelan and Argentine agencies in the United States reported that some of their citizens went missing in the collapse accident. Brian Fincheltub, Director of the Consulate General of the Embassy of Venezuela in the United States, announced on Twitter that they have identified four citizens who have disappeared inside the building. The Argentine Consulate in Miami reported that 9 Argentine citizens are missing.

concrete anti-cracking agents

Concrete crack resistance agent is an additive that can improve the crack resistance and toughness of concrete and is commonly used to prevent concrete cracking and increase the durability of concrete structures. The following is a detailed description of the application of concrete crack resistance agents:

1. Large concrete structures such as bridges and high-rise buildings: In these large concrete structures, due to the release of a large amount of hydration heat during the cement hydration process, the internal temperature substantially increases, generating temperature stress and quickly leading to concrete cracking. The use of concrete crack resistance agents can effectively reduce temperature stress and shrinkage stress, improve the crack resistance performance of concrete, and thus extend the service life of structures.

2. Wet environments such as basements: In these environments, concrete is easily affected by the humid climate, resulting in wet expansion and drying shrinkage, leading to concrete cracking. The use of concrete anti-cracking agents can effectively enhance the impermeability and durability of concrete and reduce cracking and leakage of concrete.

3. Hydraulic structures such as hydraulic engineering: In these structures, concrete is often affected by factors such as water flow, waves, and freezing, which can easily lead to concrete cracking. The use of concrete crack resistance agents can enhance the crack resistance and durability of concrete, reduce the occurrence of cracks, and enhance the stability of hydraulic structures.

4. Underground engineering, such as tunnels: In these projects, concrete is often affected by factors such as surrounding rock pressure and geological stress, which can easily lead to concrete cracking. The use of concrete anti-cracking agents can improve the compressive performance and toughness of concrete, reduce the occurrence of cracks, and ensure the stability and safety of underground engineering.


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