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Concrete Early Strength Agent

2023-07-21 11:08:02  Blog

What is Concrete Early Strength Agent?

Concrete Early Strength Agent, as known as concrete strength and concrete hardener, is an agent that can change the final setting time while ensuring that the quality of the concrete will not be degraded.

Concrete Early Strength Agent can improve the compressive strength of concrete and speed up the molding speed.

Concrete Early Strength Agent can reduce the activation energy of cement hydration reaction, increase the hydration reaction rate, and promote rapid strength development in the hardening period.

And can significantly improve the quality of cement mortar products. The super early intensity in 12 hours. It does not affect the durability of cement mortar products.

The sleeve speeds up the turnover of formwork, saves energy and cement, saves the amount of formwork, reduces production costs, and increases the output of concrete products.

What is Concrete Early Strength Agent used for?

1. Because the Concrete Early Strength Agent does not contain chloride ions, it has no corrosion effect on the steel bar. Applicable to all industrial and civil buildings and mortar, prestressed reinforced concrete components.

2. Concrete Early Strength Agent is suitable for construction under low temperatures in early winter and early spring;

3. Concrete Early Strength Agent is mainly used for Portland cement, especially for the modification and reinforcement of slag cement.

Features of Concrete Early Strength Agent

1. Thanks to its excellent performance of concrete with super compressive strength, it can greatly improve the strength development of concrete at room temperature, low temperature, or hot curing temperature. Its efficacy can be verified by concrete strength tests.

2. Concrete Early Strength Agent can improve the durability of sheet metal and cement mortar and will not shrink the strength of sheet metal and cement mortar.

3. Concrete Early Strength Agent can shorten the demolding time and speed up mold turnover.

4. Concrete Early Strength Agent can shorten or even eliminate the steam curing process, save energy, and reduce consumption.

5. Concrete Early Strength Agent can reduce the amount of glue.

Concrete Early Strength Agent Supplier

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