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As infrastructure enthusiasts, we must understand the use of raw materials. Concrete is one of the primary raw materials for infrastructure and is widely used due to its good performance. However, concrete structures are prone to foaming on the surface of building structures due to their composition, materials and construction techniques. Foaming can easily lead to poor performance of concrete components, reduced structural strength, and unsightly appearance. Harmful foam needs to be controlled as soon as possible. Adding concrete defoamer is an easy-to-operate and effective method.

During the use of concrete, bubbles can quickly appear on the surface of concrete components due to composition materials, construction techniques, and the construction environment. Bubbles can easily have a negative impact on concrete. If the bubbles form convex bags on the surface, it will significantly affect the appearance; if the bubbles are too large, they will reduce the strength of the concrete, affect the overall structure, and accelerate the carbonization of the concrete surface. Therefore, many building materials manufacturers will use this method when preparing and producing concrete materials. Add a certain proportion of concrete defoaming agents for defoaming.

concrete defoamer 

Introduction to concrete defoaming agents

Concrete defoamer is developed using the latest patented technology called "industrial MSG." It mainly includes polyether defoamer, silicone defoamer and mineral oil defoamer. It is suitable for defoaming under conditions of strong acid and alkali. When the pH level of the defoaming mechanism is 14, numerous silicone defoaming agents have broken emulsions and drifted oil, losing the physical state that the defoaming agent should have. Reducing or disappearing will also leave unexpected disadvantages in the subsequent processes of defoaming products. This series of defoaming agents can maintain a good physical state at this temperature. It does not break emulsification or float oil, and defoaming is more substantial than normal temperature. It has rapid defoaming, long-lasting foam suppression, and is non-toxic and odorless. , will not result in any pollution to the environment. The amount used when using this product for defoaming is low, and the cost of use is low.

Foam appears during the use and preparation of concrete. The proportion of concrete can be adjusted in time to control the quality of the constituent materials. There is also the timely addition of defoaming agents to eliminate foam in the concrete system.


The characteristics of concrete defoamer

In view of the fact that the concrete system is prone to foaming, specifically designed concrete defoaming agents are highly cost-effective and have ideal defoaming effects. They usually have the following advantages:

1. Efficient defoaming: Concrete defoaming agents can quickly eliminate bubbles in concrete and effectively inhibit bubbles' generation, thereby improving concrete's strength and hardness.

2. Stable system: A concrete defoaming agent is usually a stable emulsion or solution that can be quickly dispersed and dissolved in water without damaging the concrete system and structure.

3. Mildness: The concrete defoaming agent is not corrosive to the concrete surface and will not have a negative impact on the concrete, so it is suitable for various types of concrete.

4. Reusable: Concrete defoamer can be reused and rinsed with water after use, thus saving production costs.

5. Environmental protection: Concrete defoaming agents are usually environmentally friendly and will not cause negative effects on the human body and the environment.

6. The solid content is high, the dosage is very small, generally about one thousandth to three thousandths of the concrete system, and the defoaming cost is relatively low;

7. According to the configuration of the defoaming scheme, the defoaming effect is good and the defoaming is fast, which can quickly eliminate foam in the concrete system caused by materials and processes.


How to use the concrete defoaming agent

1. Concrete defoamer is usually supplied in liquid form and should be added during the mixing process of concrete.

2. During the preparation of concrete, first remove some of the water from the concrete, then add the defoaming agent to the water and mix thoroughly.

3. Add the stirred defoaming agent aqueous solution to the remaining concrete and continue stirring to ensure the defoaming agent is evenly dispersed throughout the concrete.

Concrete defoaming agent dosage

The amount of concrete defoamer used is usually determined based on the specific concrete formulation and application requirements. Generally, the dosage of concrete defoaming agent is 0.05%~0.2% of the total concrete mass. It can be tested and modified according to the specific situation to achieve the best defoaming effect.


Uses of concrete defoaming agents

Concrete defoaming agent is mainly used for defoaming in the production process of cement mortar, water reducing agent, concrete, asbestos tile, calcium silicate board, putty powder, slurry, reinforcing agent, etc.


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