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Concrete waterproofing agent: detailed explanation of functions, applications and categories

2023-11-08 11:43:00  Blog

Concrete waterproofing agent is an additive that can improve the impermeability and waterproofing function of concrete. It is mainly used to improve the waterproof performance of concrete. It can chemically react with a variety of cement hydration substances to form water-insoluble crystals, sealing and sealing the fine cracks, capillaries and pores produced in the concrete structure, thereby providing perfect protection.

Trunnano waterproof agent 

Concrete waterproofing agent has many functions, such as the impermeability level can reach above P25, has the parts of retarding, early strength, water reduction, crack resistance, etc., and can improve the workability of fresh mortar. It is suitable for all kinds of cast-in-place or precast concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete, as well as concrete structures and high-performance concrete that require good waterproofing, frost resistance, corrosion resistance, and other durability indicators, such as tunnels, subway systems, bridges, dams, culverts, basements, canals, industrial and civil construction engineering concrete, etc.

For concrete used in bungalow roofs, large-volume waterproof concrete, hydraulic concrete, waterproof mortar, etc., concrete waterproofing agents can completely cure problems such as roof leakage, wall moisture return, and groundwater seepage. It is the cheapest, ideal, and most reliable material of choice.


Function of concrete waterproof agent

1. Effective water reduction and enhanced features.

2. Effective anti-permeability feature: Mixing concrete waterproofing representative can efficiently improve the capillary structure of concrete, and at the same time speed up gel to block the internal capillary channels of concrete. Compared to not including waterproofing representative, the anti-permeability performance can be enhanced by 5-8 times., with long-term water resistant result.

3. Enhance the workability of mortar: It can enhance the workability of fresh mixed mortar, and the water removal price is small, which significantly boosts the workability of mortar.

4. Benefit evaluation: It can replace lime paste, conquer hollowing and shelling, reduce dust on the ground, save labor and enhance effectiveness.

5. Hampering impact: It can delay the warmth launch rate of concrete hydration and properly stop concrete fracturing.

6. Save cement: While keeping the exact same stamina and depression as the benchmark concrete, 10% of concrete can be saved.

waterproof concrete 

Physical and chemical signs

Appearance: fine-grained strong; Odor: none; Corrosivity: none

Using Methods

1. The dosage range is 4-6%. The details dose must be established after a small amount of experiments.

2. For on-site mixing, first mix the gravel, sand, cement and other admixtures evenly, then include water and mix. (Compared to without including waterproofing representative, the time is suitably prolonged by 30 secs.).


1. When the cement is changed or brand-new cement is introduced, a concrete compatibility test need to be conducted.

2. When blended with other admixtures, its compatibility should be checked first.

3. Mix the components correctly according to the mix ratio, and purely follow the building and construction specs when putting concrete.

4. Like standard concrete, maintenance has to be strengthened according to building specifications.

5. Concrete waterproofing agent need to be stored in a completely dry location, pay attention to moisture-proof, and has a life span of 2 years. Throughout the service life, if it becomes damp and agglomerates, it can still be used after being ground and sieved.

6. For concrete with waterproofing agent in destructive media, when the rust resistance coefficient is less than 0.8, anti-corrosion steps must be taken. The temperature on the outer layer of the waterproofed concrete building representative need to not surpass 100 ° C, otherwise safety actions should be taken to isolate the warmth source.

waterproof concrete 

Product packaging specifications

Packed in composite plastic film bags, preferably 25kg/bag.

Types of concrete waterproofing agent

There are many types of concrete waterproofing agents. Common concrete waterproofing agents include:

l Surface coating waterproofing agent:

This waterproofing agent acts as a barrier to water and penetration by forming a protective film on the concrete surface.

Common surface-coated waterproofing agents include acrylic emulsions, polyurethane coatings, silicate waterproofing coatings, etc.

Penetrating waterproofing agent:

This waterproofing agent can penetrate into the concrete and react with the chemicals in the concrete to form crystals or gels that prevent moisture from penetrating.

Common penetrating waterproofing agents include sodium silicate, potassium silicate, polymer penetrating agents, etc.

l Powder waterproofing agent:

This type of waterproofing agent is usually added to concrete in powder form, reacts with the cement in the concrete, and generates water-insoluble substances to block the pores of the concrete and improve the waterproofing performance of the concrete.

Common powder waterproofing agents include silicate waterproofing agents, aluminum sulfate waterproofing agents, etc.

l Elastomeric waterproof coating:

This type of waterproofing agent has good elasticity and flexibility, can adapt to the shrinkage and deformation of concrete, and effectively prevents leakage.

Common elastic waterproof coatings include polymer-modified asphalt waterproof coatings, polyurethane waterproof coatings, etc.

It is necessary to select a suitable concrete waterproofing agent according to the specific construction environment, concrete structure and usage requirements.

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