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Where is foamed concrete used?

2022-02-24 11:01:04  Blog

What is foam concrete?

Foamed concrete is to fully foam the foaming agent mechanically through the foaming system of the foaming machine, and evenly mix the foam with the cement slurry. Then through the pumping system of the foaming machine for cast-in-place construction or mold forming, a new type of lightweight thermal insulation material containing a large number of closed pores is formed by natural curing.

Foamed concrete, also known as foamed concrete, is a slurry made of cementitious materials, admixtures, modifiers, brine, etc. after being foamed by chemical foaming agents or physical foaming agents. A new type of lightweight thermal insulation material with a large number of closed pores formed by molding and natural curing.

CLC block

The main applications of foam concrete blocks are:

Used as a retaining wall.

Construction of sports fields and track and field.

as a sandwich component.

Pipeline backfill.

Lean concrete fill.

roof slope. For roof slope, it has the advantages of light weight, fast construction speed and low price.

For landscaping, etc.

Density range of foam concrete blocks

The density of foam concrete blocks is 2001200kg/m³, 200300kg/m³ is ultra-low density, 400500kg/m3 is low density, 600800kg/m3 is medium density, 9001200kg /m3 is high density block.

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