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Features of Concrete Self-leveling

2022-02-24 11:00:45  Blog

What is Concrete self-leveling?

Self leveling concrete is composed of cement, mineral powder, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, expansion agent, admixture and water.


Features of Concrete Self-leveling

Self-leveling concrete is characterized by: The concrete is composed of cement, ore powder, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, expansion agent, admixture, water, cement weight percentage is 15% ~ 18%, ore powder weight percentage is 8% ~ 11%, fine aggregate weight percentage is 35% ~ 38%, coarse aggregate weight percentage is 27% ~ 30%, The proportion of swelling agent by weight was 2% ~ 2.5%, the proportion of admixture by weight was 0.33% ~ 0.37%, and the proportion of water by weight was 7% ~ 7.5%.


Advantages of Concrete Self-leveling

1. Smoothness and wear resistance of cement self-flowing flat surface: super flat surface can be made; Wear resistance, can not afford sand; High compressive and flexural strength, can bear dynamic load.

2. Early and high strength performance of cement self-leveling surface - cement-based self-leveling material with super early strength cement as the base material, strength development is fast, accelerate the construction progress, and late strength is high.

3. High flow performance of cement self leveling surface - it is easy to mix on site, without any external force or auxiliary measures when pouring can flow to any place to be poured and can be automatically levelled.

4. The construction speed of cement self-flow flat surface is fast, the construction cost is low - the factory pre-packing material, the operation is simple, the site only need to add water mixing can be constructed, in a day can be processed on the ground in a large area, to ensure the consistency and uniformity of the material; Also can pump construction.

5. The volume of cement self-leveling surface is stable -- cement-based self-leveling material has a very low shrinkage rate, which can be used for seamless construction in a large area

6. Durability of cement self-flowing surface -- Low permeability ensures long term operation performance of equipment.

7. Cement self-flow surface environmental protection - non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, no radioactivity.

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