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Differences and characteristics between self-insulating blocks and ordinary blocks

2023-07-07 17:15:01  Blog

The homogeneous self-thermal insulation block contains the characteristics of polystyrene foamed particles and foamed concrete, and its thermal insulation is "two-in-one" with the wall. Compared with ordinary blocks without additional external thermal insulation, it can avoid the common problems of shedding and cracking of the external protective layer of the external wall.

The characteristics of self-insulating CLC blocks:

1. Excellent thermal insulation performance is more suitable for northern areas and cold areas.

Light weight and high strength: density ≤ 600-900kg/m?

By selecting concrete variety and labeling the main block, the compressive strength of the block can be set between 5.0MPa-7.5MPa and has a specific effect on adjusting the thermal insulation performance of the block. The thermal insulation block has high compressive strength, low drying shrinkage, and good frost resistance, which can fully meet the needs of existing buildings and buildings under construction for high-performance thermal insulation materials.

2. Small water absorption and low shrinkage: the moisture content is 2.1%, the water absorption is 7.8%, and the drying shrinkage is 0.2mm/m. The new generation of eps polystyrene particle self-insulation block in Xinjiang Blue Nest adopts advanced patented technology and formula, which can avoid the common problems of block wall quality in the later stage of the product, such as wall hollow, cracking, water seepage, and so on.

3. Good freeze-thaw resistance: after 25 freeze-thaw cycles, the mass loss is 2.1%, and the strength loss is 10%, better than the standard aerated concrete block and lightweight aggregate concrete thermal insulation block.

4. Excellent fireproof performance: the exterior is high-performance dense concrete, and the interior is filled with polystyrene particles or inorganic foam concrete and flame retardant foam board, which has excellent fireproof performance and no fire hazard.

5. The construction technology is simple, easy to popularize and apply. There is no need to do auxiliary heat preservation treatment; the construction technology is simple and easy to popularize and apply.

6.Reduce the project cost: the external wall project does not need to do other thermal insulation treatment, reduce the working procedure, or reduce the project cost.

Self-insulation block refers to the wall structure which can meet the requirements of the current national and local energy-saving building standards without passing the internal and external wall insulation technology.

The difference between self-insulating block and ordinary block

Self-insulating blocksand ordinary aerated blocks are both new wall materials. Self-insulating blocks can not only reduce the influence of heat transfer area and thermal bridge but also reduce building energy saving index, reduce cost, and do not need to use other unique thermal insulation materials. It can solve the integrity and weather resistance of the building's thermal insulation wall and plays a significant role in improving the quality of the building's energy-saving project.

The construction of a self-insulation block avoids complicated external wall insulation procedures, and the construction period is about two months shorter than that of building external wall insulation construction, saving a lot of labor and construction costs. The self-insulation block wall material system, integrating building energy saving and structure, has gradually replaced the traditional form of external wall insulation.

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