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What is lightweight concrete?

2023-07-17 10:34:21  Blog

What is lightweight concrete? 

Foamed concrete is also known as porous lightweight concrete, but it differs from aerated autoclaved concrete (AAC) in raw materials and manufacturing technology. 

It is a multi-functional and lightweight building material suitable for all architectural scenes. 

The dry density of foamed concrete is usually from 300kg/m3 to 1600kg/m3, and the compressive strength is from 1 MPa to 15 MPa. 

To make foamed concrete, exceptional foams are mixed into sand, cement, fly ash, and water. 

The number of these ingredients can be adjusted according to the application to balance performance and cost. 

Foamed concrete can be easily poured or pumped without compaction, vibration, or leveling. 

Different densities and uses of ligntweight concrete

1) Low-density lightweight concrete with a density of 400-500Kg/M3 is made of cement, foam, and additives. 

Foamed concrete with this density can be used on roofs and floors as heat and sound insulation. 

It can also be used for gap filling between underground wall tiles, thermal insulation of hollow blocks, and other filling conditions requiring high thermal insulation. 

2) Density 600-900Kg/M3 is made of sand, cement, foam, and additives. 

Prefabricated blocks and panels, ceiling panels, thermal insulation, and sound insulation mortars for manufacturing curtain walls and partition walls in multi-story residential and commercial buildings. 

Foam concrete in this density range is also very suitable for bulk-filling applications. 

3) 1000-1200 Kg/M3 density is made of sand, cement, fly ash, foam, and additives. 

The material is used for concrete blocks and panels in the outer leaves of buildings, architectural decoration, partition walls, concrete roofs, and floor mortars. 

4) Density of 1200-1600 Kg/M3 is made of sand, cement, fly ash, foam, and additives. 

This material is used in prefabricated slabs of any size, and weight is an advantage for commercial and industrial uses, garden decorations, and other uses of lightweight structural concrete.

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