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Foam Generator For AirCrete

2023-05-02 03:40:02  Blog

The foam generator is a device used to inject foam into the concrete mix. It works by pumping water and air through a stainless steel foam wand, similar to what you might see in the bathtub as kids blow bubbles. The thousands of tiny loops in the wand catch the water/soap mix and hold while the air blows, creating the bubbles.

Little Dragon Foam Generator - $495 115/230 Volt | Domegaia

The little dragon is a very small and easy to use foam generator, it fits right on top of your 5 gallon bucket and uses a simple pump and pressure regulator valve for accurate adjustment. It has a dial indicator that lets you know when to prime the pump and when it's ready for use.

How to make AirCrete - Basic DIY Low Cost

There are many different recipes and methods for making AirCrete, so it is important to do your research and find one that works well for you. Using the proper techniques is key, you want to get a consistent amount of AirCrete and mix.

Step 1 - Hook up your foam generator (Little Dragon, see link above) and connect it to an air compressor at least 90psi. Set it up by first using the wand to prime and get the mix flowing, then gradually increasing the psi till a think foam is coming out. You need to be getting about 3oz a quart of mixture. If you aren't then your AirCrete will be brittle and not work for making bricks or other framing.

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