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Types of Concrete Release Agent

2023-05-01 17:50:04  Blog

Product Overview

Form release agents are used to prevent the bonding of fresh concrete to the forming surface (plywood, steel or aluminum) and allow for clean stripping. They are a necessary component of all stamped concrete work and are available in powder or liquid form.

Light bodied petroleum oils with or without surface activating agents are the most common form release agent for use on wood forms and other soft forms prone to stickiness. They are suitable for both interior and exterior work, and are often applied on bare or smooth surfaces prior to placement of concrete.

Emulsions and coatings with volatile solvents and active ingredients such as waxes or silicones are another type of form release agent. They are often used in combination with light bodied petroleum oils for maximum performance.

Liquids are popular for applications in confined spaces and where cleanup is a factor. They evaporate on their own, which makes them easier to handle during the cleanup process.

Colored powder releases are usually more practical for overlay jobs where cleanup isn't a concern, but the same principles apply to all powders. Branum of Rafco-Brickform says they are best for those types of projects and also for exterior jobs where the concrete is exposed to the elements.

A special powder concrete release agent combines cement, iron oxide pigment for color and moisture repellant to form a bond between stamping tools and concrete. It can be broadcast directly on top of the concrete to be stamped or sprayed with a liquid release to create a textured pattern.

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