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Foam generator for foaming liquids

2023-11-03 11:43:06  Blog

What is Foam generator

The foam generation system uses compressed air to push a foaming agent/ water through a pressurized chamber filled with steel wool. The foam agent reservoir and foaming chamber are made from pressure-rated PVC and standard PVC plumbing caps. The air, foam agent and foam lines are vinyl 1/4" and 1/2" vinyl tubing, meeting standard NPT push-to-connect fittings. There are many foaming agents. Generally, they are made up of a concentrated surfactant. For this experiment, we will use two agents, one industrial (FM-160) and one more open-source friendly (Suave shampoo). For our first test, we will use manually adjusted valves and regulators to find the proper pressure and output flow for mixing foam with earthen material. Yes, Sea Foam Motor Treatment can be used in a generator that's only used once in a while (like hurricane season). Add 2 ounces of Sea Foam per gallon of fuel. Sea Foam will help keep the engine clean and help prevent residues from forming. Once in a while, add a higher concentration for a good thorough cleaning. Foam is generally produced using one of three methods in the industry: (a) pre-generated foam, (b) co-injection foam, and (c) surfactant alternating gas (SAG) foam. (9) Typically, CO2 foam refers to the development of foam from a combination of CO2 and water, a process known as co-injection foam generation. Firefighting foam used on ships has three elements. It forms a blanket and, thus, removes the supply of oxygen to the fuel; the effect is called smothering. Therefore, unlike chemical foams, the energy used to create the foam bubbles of a mechanical foam comes from an outside source.


It is therefore an object of the invention to provide an apparatus for foaming liquids

Which is simple to manufacture, economical, and permits adjustment of the size and type of the bubbles in a predetermined in order to determine the required characteristic of the foam, whereby the adjusted foaming characteristic does not change even during an extended period of use. This object of the invention is obtained in an apparatus for foaming liquids of the type mentioned above in that, in accordance with the invention, the housing element comprises two disk-like housing portions, whereby at least one of the housing portions is provided with a flat recess at the side opposite to the other housing portion thus forming a hollow space when the two portions are assembled. A hollow gas-blowing connection is connected to one of the housing portions and associated with a gas-feeding line. The edge portions of the separating seam or joint between the two adjacent housing portions are such that fine apertures or openings are formed for the emission of air streams. The gas that is blown into the inventive element is generally taken from the ambient air and pumped into the element by a pumping means and exits radially from the element through the separating seam between the two housing portions, which are made separately. Since the edge portions that define the distribution of the blown air stream into the finest or minute air streams are located on the outside before assembly, it is very simple to provide these edge portions with radially running grooves, such as channels or furrows of a defined size which form the apertures after assembling the element. This also enables a subsequent adjustment and control of the housing portions without any difficulties.


Foam generator for foaming liquids

A foam generator for foaming liquids has two peripheral disc portions, each being connected with a housing with a gas inlet to one of the housings. The housings being connected with the peripheral disc portions form a hollow space such that gas fed to the hollow space through the gas inlet enters the hollow space and exits between the peripheral disc portions to form air streams to foam the liquids. In particular, the invention is concerned with the foaming of liquid cosmetic substances by means of a foaming gas that is introduced into the liquid. The foam generator essentially includes a hollow housing element, which is provided with a gas-introducing connecting socket having fine apertures through which the introduced gas exits into the liquid to be foamed in the form of a plurality of fine air streams. Apparatus of the type described above for foaming liquids are used in devices for foaming liquid cosmetic substances such as disclosed in German Laid-Open to public inspection patent application No. 25 21 694. This known apparatus for foaming liquids includes a porous member made of mineral particles, which are sintered together and provided with a bore that runs to the center of the member; a capillary extends from the member and acts as a connecting jacket into which the foaming gas is blown. It has been shown that these sintered elements are not only relatively expensive to manufacture but are also not very well suited for foaming liquid cosmetic substances, as the size of the bubbles cannot be adjusted to an optimum size. For example, problems exist concerning the stability of the foam which exits from the permanent wave liquids. Furthermore, it has been noted in the known type of foaming apparatus that solid substances do form in the liquid substances, which have to be foamed so that the element gradually closes and changes its foaming characteristic.


Price of Foam generation

Foam generation particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Foam generation. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of Foam generation is on our company's official website.


Foam generation supplier

If you are looking for high-quality Foam generation, please feel free to contact us and send an inquiry. ( We accept payment via Credit Card, T/T, West Union, and Paypal. TRUNNANO will ship the goods to customers overseas through FedEx, DHL, by air, or by sea.

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