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The retaining means for both housing portions are not visible but are located inside the foam generator

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What is Foam generator

The foam generator as recited in A foam generator for foaming liquids including a housing element comprising wherein the protruding socket has a throttle bore connected with said inlet bore and having a diameter less than the diameter of said inlet bore, said first housing having a cylindrical interior with a diameter greater than the diameter of said inlet bore, a cylindrical retaining pin connected with and extending from said peripheral disk portion of said second housing and extending into the cylindrical interior of said first housing through said recessed area, said retaining pin including a groove-like recess communicating with said inlet bore and said recessed area whereby to provide for a continuous passageway from said throttle bore through said inlet bore to said recessed area, said peripheral disk portion of said first housing including a serrated edge portion adapted to mate with a face portion of the peripheral disk portion of said second housing and form openings communicating between the exterior of said housing element and the interior thereof through said recessed area, said housings being formed of injection molded plastic material and being connected together through said retaining pin and said cylindrical interior of said first housing, whereby to enable said housing element to be placed into liquid cosmetic substances for the foaming thereof by means of a foaming gas introduced through said housing element into the liquid cosmetic substance through openings formed between said serrated portion and said face of said second peripheral disk portion. The cross-section of said upper housing is larger than the cross-section of said lower housing portion, defining a protruding ring-like area so that the generated foam bubbles are prevented from surfacing within the liquid by the protruding ring-like area that protrudes over said lower housing. The retaining pin including an outer thread and a groove-like portion extending axially thereof along its entire length of said cylindrically shaped recess, including an inner thread portion complementary to said outer thread portion to threadably receive said retaining pin in the connected condition of said first and second housings.


In a preferred embodiment of the invention the edge portion of Foam generator

So that a large number of fine or minute apertures exist when the two housing portions are assembled, the degree of roughing, i.e., the height, number, and distribution of the roughened projections, defines the size of the apertures and, thereby, the fineness of the passing air streams and the generated size of the bubble. If, for example, the housing portions are molded with a plastic material, an optimum recognized roughness may be reproduced on the molded parts by means of an electro-erosive roughening of the mold on the edge portion. Therefore, it is preferred to make the housing portion from plastic material, which is also less expensive. However, it should be noted that these housing portions may also be made from metal, which also provides very good results. Alternatively, an annular running disk, which is thin and porous, may be mounted between the two adjacent edge portions of the housing parts. The porosity of this disk defines the fineness of the air streams and, thereby, the bubble size. The arrangement may be such that the degree of roughening of the edge portions in individual sections deviates from the degree of roughening from other sections in the edge portions of the housing, whereby these different sections are equally distributed over the total edge portion or area of mating portions. Hence, differently sized bubbles are generated at the differently roughened sections so that a small-sized bubble foam is generated, which is interspersed with larger bubbles. Such a foam is more stable with certain substances than a foam having an even or uniform size of bubble without impairing the wettability.


The retaining means for both housing portions are not visible but are located inside the foam generator

The opening or passageway that guides the gas from the connecting socket into the hollow inside of the housing element is shaped at least by one longitudinally extending groove-like recess in the circumference of the retaining pin and the wall of the recess in the connecting socket. A few possibilities are feasible for mounting the retaining pin in the recess. The mounting may be achieved in that the retaining pin is held in place by a press fit in a complimentary cross-sectional recess. Alternatively, the retaining pin may be held in position by a positive locking with complimentary shoulders or recesses. It is also possible to provide an embodiment whereby the retaining pin is provided with an outer thread which is screwed into a complimentary inner thread. Such an embodiment is particularly advantageous if the gas passageways in the disk, as mentioned above, are made of a fleecelike fiber material. This enables the adjustment or changing of the degree of gas permeability for the disk by a more or less tightening of the retaining pin. In order to even out or balance the gas stream, which is fed with respect to quantity and pressure during its flow from the connecting socket to the foam generator, and to obtain a foam having a constant characteristic, a calibrated throttle bore of reduced cross-section may be provided in a further embodiment of the invention in the hollow inside of the connecting socket.


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