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Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent

2023-07-18 11:51:22  Blog

What is Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent?

Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent is a brown liquid and can be mixed with a cement slurry to produce lightweight porous concrete.

It should store in a cool, dark place to prevent freezing and high temperature. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-combustible, and free of formaldehyde, ammonia, heavy metals, and halogen.

The concrete foaming agent is an additive used for lightweight concrete products.

Foamed concrete is a high-working, low-density material that can absorb up to 50-80% of the air.

What is Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent used for?

1. It can be used to produce lightweight concrete.

2. It can be insulated lightweight block, CLC block, or wall panel production.

3. It can produce thermal insulation and sound insulation flooring.

4. It can be used to produce non-load-bearing wall panels.

5. It can be used to make cement or drywall.

6. It can be filled with soil to prevent landslides.

7. It can be filled as underground drainage.

8. It can de-ice Bridges and roads.

9. It can be used as the filling of tunnels and shafts.

10. Production of thermal insulation lightweight concrete with polystyrene foam particles.

11. Can be used in perlite essence powder.

12. It can produce light insulation floors and walls in steel structure systems.

13. It can be used to make single-story building load-bearing walls.

The advantage of Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent

1. There is no harmful effect on the environment. It is based on nature.

2.The high foam surface film foamed with this product has strength.

3. In the case of increased foam with this product, the surface charge will be distributed.

4. Antibacterial agents can inhibit mold in concrete.

5. The foam density of foam using this product is adjusted between 80-95 g/L.

6. The density of foamed concrete using this product is 400kg/m3 ~ 1600kg /m3.

7. The pores created by the use of this product provide high insulation for the concrete.

8.No volume loss during concrete mixing.

9. Minimum volume loss during pumping.

10. This product can be used with all kinds of cement.

11. Using this product can shorten the setting time of concrete. The molding time is only 5 hours at the air temperature of 25℃.

12. Stable foam remains upright for about 6 hours.

Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent Supplier

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