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TR-C Polymer Foaming Agent

2024-01-31 11:38:45  Blog

What is TR-C Polymer Foaming Agent?

TR-C Polymer Foaming Agent is an additive used for lightweight concrete products. 

Luoyang Tongrun developed a TR-C polymer concrete foaming agent to meet the performance requirements of foamed wallboards and CLC blocks. 

TR-C polymer foaming agent can satisfy the compressive strength, thermal conductivity, and stability of foamed wallboard. 

TR-C polymer foaming agent is especially suitable for foamed wallboard, polystyrene particle-foamed cement wallboard, and other foamed wallboard products, CLC blocks.

Compared with the industry standard, the stability and foaming ratio of the TR-C foaming agent are greatly improved.

Foamed concrete is a high-working, low-density material that can absorb up to 50-80% of the air. Foam concrete is generally self-leveling, self-compacting, and pumpable, etc.

The risk of plastic shrinkage or settling cracks is significantly lower than standard concrete.

Application of TR-C polyment foaming agent

TR-C polymer foaming agent is mainly used to prepare foam concrete with lightweight, sound insulation, heat insulation and thermal insulation properties. Specific application areas include but are not limited to the following aspects:

Construction field: During the construction of buildings, villas, commercial buildings, etc., TR-C polymer foaming agent can be used for exterior wall insulation, insulation materials, roof or ground insulation, etc., as well as the preparation of lightweight, sound-insulating wall materials .

Transportation field: During the construction of tunnels, bridges, highways, etc., TR-C polymer foaming agent can be used to prepare lightweight, sound-insulating, and heat-insulating concrete materials to increase the load-bearing capacity of the structure and improve the durability of the concrete.

Other application fields: TR-C polymer foaming agent can also be used to produce wood molding plastics, reduce the weight of materials, and be used to make models in the media or on the stage.

Features of TR-C Polymer Foaming Agent

1. Increase the strength of the wallboard by 20%. 

Part of the raw materials of the TR-C polymer foaming agent is made of German raw materials and surfactant Ao. Because of its high foam toughness, the foam wallboard made of foamed wallboard has high cell integrity, closed cell ratio of more than 90%, and a spherical thin shell structure, which increases the strength of foamed concrete by more than 20% compared with foam concrete with connected foam cells. 

To achieve the same design strength, foam concrete with a high closed-cell ratio can reduce density and save 10% of raw material cost. 

2. To improve the thermal insulation performance of wallboards and other products. 

The foam wallboard made of the foaming agent has extremely high cell integrity, and the cell closure rate is more than 90%. Hundreds of millions of closed pores are formed inside the wallboard, which can seal a large amount of air, form an inert heat conduction layer, and improve the thermal insulation performance of the wallboard. 

At the same time, because it has higher strength than other foamed cement with the same density when it reaches the same strength, it can reduce the density of foam concrete, thus reducing the cost and improving the performance of thermal insulation. 

3. High stability. 

TR-C polymer foaming agent is composed of a high-performance foam stabilizer and surfactant. The foam stability is remarkable. In the wallboard production process, the foam paste stability is high, and there is no mold collapse phenomenon. The foaming and workability are good, and they can fill the mold without leaving a dead corner.

Instructions for TR-C polymer foaming agent

1. Dilute in advance in the proportion of 1 part of the foaming agent: 30-40 parts of water.

2. Foam concrete production is completed when the appropriate amount of foam is injected according to the bulk density requirement and the mixture is evenly mixed.

3. Foaming agent 0.8-1kg of foaming agent liquid should be added to each cubic cube of foam concrete products.

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What is the working principle of TR-C polymer foaming agent?

Answer: TR-C polymer foaming agent releases the gas in the liquid in the form of tiny bubbles through its unique foaming mechanism, forming a large number of uniform and stable bubbles. These bubbles act as physical supports in the concrete, making the concrete lightweight and porous, while also improving the sound and heat insulation properties of the concrete.


How to choose a suitable TR-C polymer foaming agent?

Answer: Choosing a suitable TR-C polymer foaming agent requires consideration of engineering requirements, raw material properties, construction environment and other factors. A brand of polymer foaming agent with appropriate foaming ratio, stability, and good compatibility with cement should be selected, and attention should be paid to its compatibility with raw materials such as sand and gravel. At the same time, product quality and supplier reputation should be considered.


What issues should be paid attention to when using TR-C polymer foaming agent?

Answer: When using TR-C polymer foaming agent, attention should be paid to controlling the dosage and water consumption of the foaming agent to avoid excessive or insufficient effects on the performance of the concrete. At the same time, attention should be paid to the quality stability of the foaming agent and avoid using expired or damp products. During transportation and storage, moisture-proof measures should be taken.


What impact does TR-C polymer foaming agent have on the performance of concrete?

Answer: TR-C polymer foaming agent has a significant impact on the performance of concrete. It can produce a large number of uniform and stable bubbles, making the concrete lightweight and porous, improving its thermal insulation and thermal insulation properties. At the same time, bubbles play a physical supporting role in concrete and can improve the compressive and flexural strength of concrete. In addition, concrete prepared using polymer foaming agents has good sound insulation and construction properties.


How is the compatibility of TR-C polymer foaming agent with other admixtures?

Answer: TR-C polymer foaming agent has good compatibility with other admixtures and can be used in combination with other types of admixtures. However, care should be taken to avoid mixing it with some admixtures that have conflicting chemical properties to prevent adverse reactions. Tests should be conducted before use to ensure compatibility meets requirements.


How to solve the problems in using TR-C polymer foaming agent?

Answer: During the use of TR-C polymer foaming agent, if you encounter problems such as bubbles that are too small or too large or poor stability, you can appropriately adjust the dosage of the foaming agent or add a regulator to solve the problem. At the same time, strengthening raw material quality control and construction process supervision are also important measures to ensure the effectiveness of use.

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