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What are concrete additives?

2023-07-17 15:27:56  Blog

What are concrete additives?

Concrete additives are substances added to improve and regulate the properties of concrete. 

The application of concrete additives in engineering has been paid more and more attention. The addition of admixtures plays a certain role in improving the performance of concrete. 

The amount of concrete additives is generally not more than 5% of the cement mass.

What is the difference between concrete additives and admixtures?

The admixtures are added to the concrete mixture before or during mixing.Additives are added to cement while manufacturing. 

Types of concrete additives

1. Additives for improving the variable performance of concrete mixing. Including all kinds of water-reducing agents, air-entraining agents and pumping agents.

2. Additives for adjusting concrete setting time and hardening performance. Including retarding agents, early strength agents and accelerating agents.

3. Additives to improve concrete durability. Including air-entraining agents, water-repellent agents and rust inhibitors.

4. Additives can improve other properties of concrete. Including aerating agents, expansion agents, colouring agents, antifreeze agents, waterproofing agents and pumping agents.

What are concrete additives used for?

1. It can reduce the water consumption of concrete. Or you can increase the fluidity of the concrete without increasing the amount of water used.

2. The setting time of concrete can be adjusted.

3. Reduce bleeding and segregation. Improved workability and resistance to water panning.

4. Slump loss can be reduced. Increase permeability of pumped concrete.

5. It can reduce shrinkage. Adding expansion agents can also compensate for shrinkage.

6. It can reduce the temperature rise rate of mass concrete, delay the initial hydration heat of concrete, and reduce the generation of cracks.

7. Improve the early strength of concrete. Prevent freezing at negative temperatures.

8. Improve strength, increase frost resistance, impermeability, wear and corrosion resistance.

9. Control alkali-aggregate reaction. Prevent steel corrosion and reduce chloride ion diffusion.

10. Make concrete with other special properties.

11. Reduce the viscosity coefficient of concrete.

Concrete additives Supplier

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