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Read about water reducing agents in one article! Everything you want to know is here.

2024-02-08 10:27:38  Blog

There are many varieties of high-efficiency water-reducing agents

The commonly used ones are:

· Naphthalene-based water-reducing agents.

· Melamine-based and modified melamine-based water-reducing agents.

· Sulfamate-based water-reducing agents.

· Aliphatic water-reducing agents.

· Anthracene-based water-reducing agents.

The agent and washing oil are water-reducing agents. Let's take a look at what types of high-efficiency water reducing agents there are! High-efficiency water-reducing agents are different from ordinary water-reducing agents in that they have a higher water-reducing rate and lower air entrainment capacity.

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What types of water reducing agents are there?

1. According to appearance

It is divided into water and powder. The solid content of aqueous agents is generally 10%, 20%, 40% (also called mother liquor), and 50%, and the solid content of powders is generally 98%.

2. Divided according to water reduction and enhancement abilities

It is divided into ordinary water-reducing agents (also called plasticizers, the water-reducing rate is not less than 8%, represented by lignosulfonates), high-efficiency water-reducing agents (also called superplasticizers, the water-reducing rate is not lower than 14 %, including naphthalene series, melamine series, sulfamate series, aliphatic series, etc.) and high-performance water-reducing agents (water-reducing rate is not less than 25%, represented by polycarboxylic acid-based water-reducing agents). They are also divided into early-strength, standard, and slow-setting types.

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3. According to composition materials

Naphthalene series high-efficiency water reducing agent

Naphthalene-based water reducing agents can be divided into high-concentration products (Na2SO4 content less than 3%), medium-concentration products (Na2SO4 content 3%~10%) and low-concentration products (Na2SO4 content greater than 10%) according to the Na2SO4 content in the product. Naphthalene-based water-reducing admixture is China's most widely produced and broadly used high-efficiency water-reducing agent (accounting for more than 70% of the water-reducing agent consumption). It is characterized by a high water reduction rate (15% to 25%), no air entrainment, little impact on setting time, good adaptability to cement, can be used in conjunction with various other admixtures, and is relatively cheap.

Melamine series and modified melamine series high-efficiency water reducing agent

It is a product of the condensation of melamine with formaldehyde after sulfonation with sulfuric acid, so the chemical name is sulfonated melamine formaldehyde resin, which is an anionic surfactant. This type of water-reducing agent appears as a white powder, is easily soluble in water, has good dispersibility in powdery materials, has a high water-reducing rate, and has good fluidity and self-healing properties.

Sulfamate series high-efficiency water reducing agent

Sulfamate high-efficiency water-reducing agent is a monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon high-efficiency water-reducing agent. It is mainly composed of p-amino benzene sulfonic acid, monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon derivatives, phenolic compounds and formaldehyde, which are heated and condensed under acidic or alkaline conditions. The molecular structure of sulfamic acid water-reducing agents is relatively complex, and different monomers will have different molecular structures. The main chain of sulfamic acid superplasticizer is alternately connected by phenyl and methylene groups. The main chain contains a large number of branch chains with hydrophilic functional groups such as sulfonic acid groups, amino groups, and hydroxyl groups.

Trunnano water-reducing agent 

Aliphatic (aldehyde and ketone condensate) high-efficiency water reducing agent

Aliphatic high-efficiency water reducing agents are carbonyl pyroaldehyde synthesized by sulfonation of polymers, and the main chain of the hydrophobic group is aliphatic hydrocarbons. This high-efficiency water-reducing agent has wide applicability to cement, has an obvious reinforcing effect on concrete, and has small slump loss. Small size, no sodium sulfate crystallization at low temperature. It is widely used to prepare personalized water-reducing agents such as pumping, retardants, early strength, antifreeze, air-entraining, etc. It can also be combined with naphthalene-based, amino water-reducing agents and polycarboxylate water-reducing agents.

Anthracene high-efficiency water reducing agent

The tan powder obtained by sulfonation, hydrolysis condensation, neutralization and atomization drying of crude anthracene is non-toxic, odorless and does not contain chloride ions. It has the characteristics of a high water reduction rate, low air entrainment volume, and high reinforcement during concrete mixing. The concrete mixture has good construction workability, is not easy to bleed and segregate, and is suitable for concrete with C10~C60 strength.

Oil-washing high-efficiency water-reducing agent

Using coking wash oil, another by-product of coal coking, as raw material, we use a production process similar to that of naphthalene-based water-reducing agents to produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon sulfonate formaldehyde condensate, whose performance is similar to that of naphthalene-based water-reducing agents. It is a high-efficiency water-reducing agent with wide sources of raw materials, low cost and great industrial value.

A water-reducing admixture can minimize mixing water usage while keeping the slump of concrete primarily unchanged. Most are anionic surfactants. After being contributed to the concrete mixture, it has a distributing impact on the concrete bits, which can improve its workability, reduce the system water intake, and improve the fluidity of the concrete mix, or minimize the system cement consumption and conserve concrete.

4. Team ingredients by chemical structure

Lignosulfonate-based superplasticizers, naphthalene-based superplasticizers, melamine-based superplasticizers, sulfamate-based superplasticizers, fatty acid-based superplasticizers, polycarboxylate It is a high-efficiency water-reducing representative.


What is the function of water reducing representative?

The quantity of cement can be reduced without changing the ratio of different raw materials (except cement) and the stamina of concrete.

Transforming the proportion of numerous raw materials (water removal) and the downturn of concrete is necessary for minimizing the amount of water to enhance the toughness of concrete considerably.

Without transforming the ratio of various resources, the rheology and plasticity of concrete can be substantially enhanced to ensure that concrete building can be accomplished by gravity flow, pumping, without resonance, etc, raising the construction rate and lowering building energy consumption.

Adding high-efficiency concrete water-reducing representative can increase the life of concrete, even if the regular life span of the building is greater than doubled.

Lower the shrinking price of concrete solidification and avoid cracks in concrete parts; boost frost resistance, which is beneficial to building in the winter months.

The action mechanism of water reducing agent: dispersion, lubrication, steric hindrance, and sustained release of grafted copolymer branches.


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