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The Portable Foam Generator

2023-03-27 06:10:03  Blog

The portable foam generator is a fantastic way to add extra fun and excitement to parties. It is perfect for families who want to have a good time together, and it will keep kids entertained for hours!

Fom Mania has a variety of foam blasters that shoot harmless, eco-friendly foam. This makes them a safe option for kids to play with and parents can rest easy knowing that their kids will be playing with non-toxic materials.

The Fomalanche - a portable foam machine

If you're looking for a way to add some more fun to your party or event, you should check out the Fomalanche from Fom Mania! This is a great choice because it's super safe and easy to use, making it a perfect option for any family.

The Fomalanche uses specially calibrated SL foam fluid to generate bubbly, safe foam for any type of occasion. It's also a convenient option because it can be operated from anywhere, and it is easy to clean up afterward.

Hi-Ex Expansion Foam Generators

High expansion foam systems are often used to enclose three-dimensional fires and cut off oxygen to prevent flames from spreading. They can also be used to smother flammable liquid spills and to protect warehouses, hangars, ships' holds, cable ducts and machinery spaces from fire hazards.

Angus High-Expansion Foam Generators

Angus's range of high expansion foam generators provide rapid extinction of fires and blanketing of inflammable liquid spills in industrial environments. They are capable of producing large volumes of high expansion foam for inaccessible spaces such as tunnels, mines and cable ducting. Powered by water turbines driving aerofoil fans, they require only a pressurised water supply for operation.

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