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TR-A Concrete Foaming Agent

2023-07-19 09:46:08  Blog

What is TR-A Concrete Foaming Agent?

TR-A concrete foaming agent produced by plant mixture is a concrete blowing agent and an additive used for lightweight concrete products.

Foamed concrete is an efficient, low-density material that can absorb up to 50-80% of the air. Foamed concrete is generally self-leveling, self-compacting and pumpable.

The risk of plastic shrinkage and settlement crack of concrete using a foaming agent is significantly lower than that of standard concrete.

TR-A concrete foaming agent can reduce the density of concrete, produce lightweight concrete or low strength (mobile packing) concrete, can achieve the effect of increasing production.

Optimal machinability and pumpability, minimal bleeding, controlled isolation, reduced shrinkage and settlement, and controlled development.

It should store in a cool, dark place to prevent freezing and high temperature.

Advantages of concrete foaming agent

1. It has a high foaming ratio.

2. The foaming foam is fine and stable.

3. Foaming agent has good adhesion to cement.

What is TR-A Concrete Foaming Agent used for?

1. This product is used for foam concrete archiving.

2. This product is used for roof insulation.

3. This product is used for the production of CLC blocks.

4. This product is used for the production of light partitions.

5. This product is used to make retaining walls.

6. This product is used to make tank foot support.

7. This product is used for highway subgrade construction.

The production process of TR-A Concrete Foaming Agent

1. Weigh the foaming agent, then add 30 times water to dilute it to make a foaming liquid.

2. Put the cement, sand, and stones into the mixer in turn, and prepare the concrete slurry;

3. Start the foaming machine, and send the foaming liquid into the foam through the foam generator.

4. Add the foam into the horizontal mixer according to the predetermined amount and mix it evenly.

5. Send the prepared foaming slurry to the molding machine or mold.

TR-A Concrete Foaming Agent Supplier

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