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TR02 92whiteness 525 grade white cement

2023-07-20 16:06:22  Blog

What is TR02 92whiteness 525 grade white cement?

TR02 92whiteness 525-grade white cement is a kind of green environmental protection product with no radioactivity; early strength is high.

The product has high whiteness, low alkalinity, high strength, bright color, and good stability.

What is the difference between white cement and caulking agent?

White cement is easy to crack, fall off, and seep water. It's not beautiful; it's not hygienic. It's not durable. Its advantage is low price, but the disadvantage of white cement is that the particle size is uneven, easy to caustic soda, easy to crack, easy to fall off, easy to weather, easy to dirty, not easy to clean, and single color.

The caulk is a kind of single-component cement-based polymer-modified dry mixed mortar, which has the characteristics of durability, water resistance, and pressure resistance. It lasts a lot longer than white cement. With mildew and mothproof function, there is no need to worry about the impact of climate and environment on the wall. From the production point of view, it is also more convenient. Mix the caulk with the right amount of water, like cement, embed the tile seam, press tightly, and wipe the excess on the tile surface after curing.

In fact, the main composition of the caulk is still white cement, but the caulk is treated with waterproof, and the adhesive force is strengthened. The disadvantage of white cement pointing is that it is easy to get dirty, and the adhesive degree and strength are not as good as that of the caulking agent, But the sealant has to buy good quality in order to play a role. White cement is the traditional tile joint material; the disadvantage is a single color, easy to dirty, and not easy to clean; the advantage is cheap and convenient construction.

What is TR02 92whiteness 525 grade white cement used for?

TR02 92whiteness 525-grade white cement is very high in whiteness. Thus, the problem of insufficient whiteness of inorganic artificial stone can be improved, the use of titanium dioxide can be reduced, and the production cost can be reduced. It is the preferred material for high-end inorganic artificial stone and high-end GRC products.

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