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What is Cement Anti-crack Agent?

2023-07-21 08:49:22  Blog

What is Cement Anti-crack Agent?

Cement Anti-crack Agent is a powder synthesized by making full use of the physical and chemical changes in the cement curing process.

It can prevent cracking and cracking of lightweight concrete from both physical and chemical aspects. Anticracking agents can effectively solve the problem of natural cracking of cement products.

Adding an anti-cracking agent to lightweight concrete can reduce the hollowing and cracking of lightweight concrete, improve the strength of mortar, and thus improve the engineering quality.

The anti-cracking agent solves the problems of large shrinkage deformation, poor permeability resistance, and weak crack resistance of ordinary cement products.

Direct incorporation into cement can effectively control the plastic shrinkage and cracks caused by the segregation of lightweight concrete and significantly improve the crack resistance, freeze resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, and seismic performance of lightweight concrete.

What is Cement Anti-crack Agent used for?

Cement Anti-cracking Agents can be used to solve the crack problem of roads, Bridges, DAMS, runways, mortar, cement products, etc. Especially suitable for various products of lightweight concrete.

Features of Cement Anti-crack Agent

1. Crack resistance: The crack resistance agent is easily dispersed in lightweight concrete to form a three-dimensional space structure, which effectively improves the phenomenon of reduced hardening and cracking caused by too fast drying of mortar and insufficient moisture;

2. Low shrinkage: the mixture will not shrink and settle, and the anti-crack agent can absorb internal stress and improve crack resistance;

3. Operability: Anti-crack agent can increase the plasticity of mortar, improve construction operability and work efficiency;

4. Anti-slip property: Because the anti-crack agent has a thickening effect, it can prevent or avoid the slippage of mortar and adherend during construction to a certain extent.

Cement Anti-crack Agent Supplier

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