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The reasons why the new wall material CLC air-entrained blocks are popular in the market.

2023-11-17 08:55:50  Blog

China's new wall material reform has gone through more than 20 years. The pace of technological innovation and production equipment updating of wall material companies has been accelerating. Transformation and upgrading have been gradual. The new wall material industry has entered the ranks of green, low-carbon and stable development.

CLC air-entrained bricks 

Introduction to CLC air-entrained building blocks and their characteristics

CLC aerated brick is a lightweight and porous building material. It is made of fine sand or fly ash, lime, cement and slag as the main raw materials. It is processed by unique cement foaming technology. After batching stirring, Fine porous lightweight aerated concrete products are made by injection molding, pre-curing, cutting and post-curing. Its characteristics include several major aspects, namely fire resistance, sound insulation, green and environmental protection, impermeability, lightness, high strength, thermal insulation, convenient construction, etc. CLC air-entrained building blocks are inorganic materials that will never burn and will not produce toxic gases at high temperatures. They are an ideal fireproof material. The fire resistance limit of a 10 cm thick wall can reach more than 4 hours. The internal small holes are independent closed holes. Depending on the thickness of the wall and the surface treatment method, the sound insulation can be 30-50 (db), which can meet the sound insulation requirements of various buildings.

CLC air-entrained building blocks are inorganic products, have no volatile matter or decomposition products, are harmless to the human body, are durable, and will never change. It can meet national environmental protection requirements and is an ideal green building material.

CLC air-entrained bricks 

CLC air-entrained block walls should be built with special adhesives. Generally, the mortar joints are 3 mm. The high bonding strength can effectively prevent water seepage in the mortar joints. There are independent closed holes inside the blocks, which can effectively prevent the diffusion of moisture. ; Under the same finishing treatment conditions, the impermeability of block walls is about 80% higher than that of clay brick walls.

The absolute dry bulk density of CLC air-entrained blocks is 500-700 (kg/cubic meter), which is one-third that of red bricks and one-quarter that of concrete, which greatly reduces the comprehensive cost of building structures. The product has high precision, and thin layers can be directly embedded on the surface, which reduces the material and labor costs consumed by painting and allows for a larger usable area. Due to its high precision and the use of thin layers of adhesive for construction, the strength utilization coefficient is greatly improved. The masonry strength of the blocks is about 80% of the strength of the blocks themselves, while that of red bricks is only 30%.

CLC aerated brick production process

CLC aerated bricks are made of siliceous materials (sand, fly ash, silicon-containing tailings, etc.) and calcareous materials (lime, cement) as the key raw materials, mixed with foaming agents, and stirred with water to form pores through chemical reactions. , porous silicate products made through casting molding, pre-curing cutting, curing and other processes.

CLC air-entrained bricks 

Key advantages of new wall material CLC aerated bricks

CLC air-entrained bricks are made from fine aggregate, cement, and a swelling agent that expands the fresh mix like bread dough. The material is molded and cut into accurately sized units in the factory where it is made. The cured blocks or panels of CLC air-entrained bricks are connected with thin mortar. Components are available for walls, floors, and roofs. This lightweight product provides fantastic audio and thermal insulation and, like all cement-based products, is strong and fireproof. To be durable, CLC air-entrained bricks require some type of finish, such as polymer-modified stucco, or engineered stone or siding.

1. CLC air-entrained bricks combine thermal insulation and structural capabilities in one material for walls, floors and roofs. Its lightweight/porous nature makes it easy to cut, scrape, and shape, readily accepts nails and screws, and allows it to be routed to create trenches for electrical conduit and smaller diameter ductwork. This gives it flexibility in design and construction and the ability to make simple adjustments in the field.

2. Durability and dimensional stability. CLC is a cement-based material that is waterproof, anti-corrosive and insect-proof. The blocks are accurately shaped to tight tolerances.

3. The fire resistance is very good, and the eight-inch thick CLC air-entrained brick reaches the four-hour rating (the actual performance exceeds this value and meets the test requirement of up to eight hours). Because it is non-flammable, it will not burn or release toxic gases.

4. Light weight means CLC air-entrained bricks are comparable to traditional frame walls, but they have a higher thermal mass, provide air tightness, and are non-combustible. This lightweight material can also significantly reduce noise from outside and other rooms when used as an internal partition.

CLC aerated bricks are a new type of building material that is widely used in industrial and civil buildings. The new generation of CLC aerated brick equipment production line has comprehensively integrated materials into products, production equipment, production processes, and standards. According to a set of inspection standards, it has become an emerging new energy-saving wall material. CLC aerated brick partition walls have good pressure resistance, thermal insulation and other properties.

CLC air-entrained bricks 

Energy saving and application of CLC air-entrained blocks in buildings

As a new type of wall material, CLC aerated blocks have been gradually recognized by people after nearly 40 years of development and have been applied in various buildings. However, when it comes to the application of CLC air-entrained blocks in construction, many people simply treat it as a general wall material that replaces fired solid clay bricks, but for air-entrained concrete products, there is another more important and prominent thermal insulation function. It has yet to be fully recognized, noticed and valued by people.

CLC air-entrained block is a material with excellent thermal insulation performance and a wide range of uses for interior and exterior walls, roofs and floors. It can be used for exterior wall maintenance, interior wall partitions, and flat-slope roofs of civil and residential buildings, and industrial factory floors and exterior walls. It can also be used as load-bearing walls for mixed structure buildings with four floors or less. It is also suitable for various industries. It is the best material for steel-structured buildings' interior and exterior walls. It is the only single-material exterior wall among all exterior wall materials that can meet the requirements of building energy-saving standards. It does not require troublesome and complicated combinations.


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