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What is the foam concrete cast-in-place wall like?

2023-12-11 16:09:40  Blog

Foam concrete cast-in-place wall is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and low-cost new building energy-saving material. Foam concrete cast-in-place wall is made by uniformly mixing foam and cement slurry and then casting in-situ construction by the pumping system of the foaming machine; many friends may have many doubts about it. Below content are detailed introduction to the foam concrete cast-in-place wall and the related issues of the materials of integrated wall panels.

foam cement 

1. The overall thermal insulation effect is good: The thermal resistance value of cast-in-place foam concrete is 5-10 times that of ordinary overhead insulation bricks. If a 60mm thick insulation layer test block is baked on the fire for 20 minutes, the back side will still not feel hot. Thermal insulation effect is remarkable.

2. The cost is lower than that of insulation bricks and insulation boards:The cost of the cast-in-place lightweight foam concrete insulation layer is lower than the traditional ceramsite perlite insulation layer and 40%-60% of the cost of other insulation layers.

3. The process is simple, easier to shape, and the construction speed is fast: it could save 60% of construction costs compared with other roof insulation methods. Each shift can complete 500-800m2, and the construction speed is very fast. Instead of sloping the structure, it can save the project cost and avoid the inclination of the top ceiling beam caused by the structure sloping. Just level it with a ruler according to the slope direction.

4. Protecting the roof and preventing deformation and cracking of the roof structure: it will not cause cracking because of temperature changes, and can efficiently prevent the deformation of the roof structure, as well as temperature difference cracks where the roof structure meets the brick wall.

5. Extending the life of the waterproof roof and enhancing the waterproof effect: The foam concrete and the waterproof layer (or structural layer) are closely combined, which can efficiently prevent the deformation and cracking of the roof structural layer (or rigid waterproof layer) caused by thermal expansion and contraction. leakage phenomenon, and can effectively prevent the aging and deterioration of waterproof materials. Extend the life of the waterproof layer and enhance the waterproof effect.

cast in place board 

What material is integrated wall panel?

1. Metal materials

Integrated wall panels made of aluminum-manganese alloy and sound-insulating foam materials are strong and durable but relatively expensive.

2. Nanofiber materials

A very popular material at present, and also a very popular saying, uses bamboo fiber as the main material for production, which is made through special processes, usually at high temperatures.

3. Solid wood material

This is the purest and most pollution-free raw material. It is made from nature and made into plates through some physical and mechanical cutting.

4. Marble plus resin

The use of this material is not recommended. Natural marble always contains some radiation, which is always more or less harmful to the human body.

5. Polymer compound plus fiber

The process still uses high temperature to shape it

cement wall 

Never do integrated walls

1. Integrated walls are basically concentrated in the south. In just one year, dozens of integrated wall brands have emerged in the south. However, there are relatively few integrated wall manufacturers in the north, so the market competition is small, which leads to competition. The power is small, so it cannot vigorously transfer profits to consumers.

2. Compared with the current consumption level, integrated walls are considered mid-to-high-end products, so they are very suitable for mid-to-high-end people.

3. The integrated wall market has confusing brands, and each company boasts that its products are good, making it difficult for consumers to make a decision. However, with a natural monopoly model, the north is better, and consumers have a large choice space.

Foam concrete fully foams the foaming agent mechanically through the foaming system of the foaming machine. A new type of lightweight insulation material formed by natural curing and containing a large number of closed pores.


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