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Triterpenoid Saponin

2023-07-20 09:21:56  Blog

What is Triterpenoid Saponin?

Triterpenoid saponins are a natural surfactant with excellent properties extracted from tea seeds.

It can be widely used in pesticide, beverage, chemical industry, aquaculture, light industry, textile, mining, oil extraction, building materials, and highway construction.

It can also manufacture emulsifiers, pesticide additives, textile additives, feed additives, detergents, crab breeding protective agents, oil production flotation agents, aerated concrete foam stabilizers, mine lubricants, highway antifreeze, etc.

Features of Triterpenoid Saponin

Triterpenoid saponin belongs to triterpenoid saponins, which are bitter and spicy, and irritate nasal mucosa to cause sneezing.

The pure product is a white fine columnar crystal, acidic to methyl red, strong hygroscopic, easily soluble in aqueous methanol, aqueous ethanol, acetic acid, acetic anhydride, pyridine, etc.

Insoluble in ethyl ether, acetone, benzene, petroleum ether, and other organic solvents, insoluble in anhydrous methanol and ethanol, when the tea saponin solution is acidic by adding hydrochloric acid, the saponin will precipitate.

What is Triterpenoid Saponin used for?


The environmental protection pesticide additive made of tea saponin can be widely used in fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides to achieve the purpose of solubilization, efficiency enhancement, and attenuation. It is a wetting agent of wettable pesticides. It can not only effectively improve the suspension rate of pesticides but also the wettability of pesticides. 

Because its PH value is acidic or neutral, it is conducive to the storage of pesticides. As a water-based pesticide additive, it does not damage the quality of pesticide metal ions.

As an enhanced developer of eco-type pesticides, it can improve the chemical properties of pesticides and has the advantages of good control effect, rain erosion resistance, knockdown speed, lasting effect, and less dosage. 

At the same time, thanks to the hormonal and repellent effects of tea saponin, it is also a good biopesticide, which can stimulate the growth of crops.

Building materials field

Triterpene saponins are foaming agents and foam stabilizers in aerated concrete and lightweight building materials and are a good natural surfactant.

It has the function of degreasing, can inhibit the digestion of lime, improving the dispersion of aluminum powder in suspension and the structure of pores, improve the stability of slurry casting, and make the product more solid and reliable. Its effect is better than acacia powder, pulling powder, etc. 

Paraffin emulsifier has been successfully applied in the sizing process of fiberboard production by its strong dispersibility and emulsification properties, which can reduce the water absorption rate of the product, enhance the waterproof performance and improve the quality of the fiberboard. 

Daily chemical field

The surface activity of tea saponin can be used for hair washing and dyeing and can also reduce inflammation and itching, and dandruff.

Textile field

Tea saponin, as a detergent, has less color stripping ability, will not produce velvet, and the fabric will not lose luster. 

Oil production and mining

Due to the surface activity of tea saponin, it can separate hydrocarbons well and is suitable for petroleum exploration. Because the drill bit is badly worn during mining, using tea saponin as a lubricant can speed up the exploration and save the drill bit. 

Photography and photocopying

Diazo copy paper and photographic negatives treated with tea saponin can improve the sharpness, brightness, and quality of copies and photographs. 

Fire extinguishing agent field

Tea saponin not only has a strong foaming ability but also has a good flame retardant function. The fire extinguishing agent made of tea saponin as an auxiliary has excellent fire extinguishing performance.

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