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What are the Excellent Characteristics of Foam Concrete Blocks

2023-10-13 16:40:01  Blog

The characteristics of foam concrete

Foam concrete is an indispensable material in the construction process, and it is also widely used in various construction industries.


1. Foam concrete blocks have good seismic resistance. Because the foam concrete block is very light, it greatly reduces the weight of the building and improves the seismic resistance by two levels compared with the clay brick building.

2. The foam concrete block has a small bulk density, which reduces the weight of the building. The bulk density of foam concrete blocks is generally 300-800kg/m3, foam concrete blocks can float on water, foam concrete blocks are only 1/4 of the weight of solid clay bricks, and foam concrete blocks are 1/2 of the weight of hollow blocks. , The foam concrete block can reduce the wall load by 50-60%, the weight of the building can be reduced by 20-30%, the construction speed is fast, and the labor intensity of the workers and the construction cost are greatly reduced.

3. Foam concrete blocks have excellent sound absorption and sound insulation properties. The porous structure of the foam concrete block gives it good sound absorption and sound insulation performance. The sound insulation of a 240mm thick wall is 58dB, which can totally meet the sound insulation requirements of shared walls and homes.

4. Foamed concrete blocks have high strength, good workability, and various specifications and sizes. The strength of foam concrete blocks is the same as that of autoclaved aerated blocks; the production of foam concrete block equipment does not require coarse aggregates, so it can be sawed, planed, glued, nailed, and processed as needed to facilitate decoration; there are many types of foam concrete blocks Specifications, and sizes can meet various masonry needs.

5. Foamed concrete blocks have significant thermal insulation performance, which greatly reduces building energy consumption. The thermal conductivity of foamed concrete blocks is 0.168w/(mk), and the thermal insulation effect of foam concrete block is 4 times that of clay brick and 3 times that of hollow block. Warm winter and cool summer greatly shorten the operating time of air conditioning and save electricity. With a consumption of 30-50%, foam concrete blocks are the first choice for building energy-saving wall materials.


Main materials and auxiliary materials:

  • Main materials:

Cement: it is the main cementing material for foam concrete blocks, and Portland cement and ordinary Portland cement can be selected.

Sand: Natural or artificial sand with hard texture, smooth surface, and moderate particle size should be selected, and the fineness modulus of sand should be between 2.4 and 3.0.

Foaming agent: it is the core material of foam concrete block, and the foaming agent with excellent performance, high foaming ratio and good stability should be selected.

  • Auxiliary materials:

Fly ash: it can be used as the admixture of foam concrete blocks to improve the workability and pumpability of concrete.

Slag: after screening and treatment, it can be used as the admixture of foam concrete blocks to reduce the concrete cost.

Stone powder: it can be used as the admixture of foam concrete blocks to improve the strength and durability of concrete.

Slag, industrial tailings, construction waste, calcium carbide powder, etc., can be used as the admixture or aggregate of foam concrete blocks to adjust the strength, density, thermal insulation and other properties of concrete.


At the same time, in order to meet specific needs, some additives can also be added, such as waterproofing agents, thickeners, water reducing agents, etc.

In a word, foam concrete blocks with excellent performance and meeting different needs can be produced by selecting appropriate materials and formulas according to actual needs and through scientific and reasonable preparation process.

The preparation process of foam concrete block mainly includes the following steps:

1. Prepare main materials: including cement, sand, foaming agent, etc.

2. Mixing mixture: Mix cement, sand, foaming agent and other materials in a certain ratio, and add an appropriate amount of water for mixing.

3. Pouring: Pour the mixed mixture into the foam concrete block mold and fill it to every corner of the mold.

4. Vibration: Use a vibrator to vibrate the poured mixture, expelling any bubbles and making the concrete more dense.

5. Curing: Leave the foam concrete block standing for a period of time, and after it gradually hardens, remove the mold and carry out curing.

6. Demoulding: after the foam concrete block has fully hardened, it can be taken out of the mold and stacked.

In addition to the above process steps, in order to prepare high-quality foam concrete blocks, the following points should also be noted:

1. Accuracy of material ratio: The ratio of various materials has a significant impact on the performance of the block, so it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the ratio.

2. Control of mixing time: Insufficient mixing time can cause uneven mixture, while excessive mixing time can lead to excessive bubbles. Therefore, it is necessary to control the mixing time reasonably.

3. Control of pouring time: too long pouring time will lead to layering and segregation of foam concrete blocks, while too short pouring time will lead to the inability to completely discharge bubbles, so it is necessary to control the pouring time.


4. Correct selection of vibration method: Improper vibration method can cause cracks and deformation of the block, so the correct vibration method should be selected based on the actual situation.

5. Control of curing temperature and humidity: the curing temperature and humidity of foam concrete block also have an important impact on its performance, so it is necessary to reasonably control the curing temperature and humidity.


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