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What are the advantages of superplasticizer defoamer?

2022-09-20 16:33:09  Blog

Superplasticizer defoamer can eliminate foam and other causes of foam, and it is also widely used in the building materials industry. For example: cement, gypsum, asbestos tiles, concrete, mortar, cement mortar and so on. Superplasticizer defoamer can eliminate foam in concrete and other systems and make concrete members more compact.


What are the advantages of superplasticizer defoamer

Because the mother liquor of polycarboxylate superplasticizer has high air content, high surface activity and good foam retention, when it is directly used in concrete, it will cause adverse effects such as high air content, many apparent bubbles and low strength of concrete, so it is necessary to compound appropriate amount of defoamer to eliminate large bubbles in concrete. The basic performance test of the combination of defoamer and polycarboxylate superplasticizer generally includes the compatibility of defoamer and superplasticizer and the effect of defoamer on the performance of concrete.


Superplasticizer defoamer is beneficial to the elimination of large air bubbles in concrete. On the one hand, the addition of defoamer can eliminate the air bubbles between concrete and formwork to a certain extent, effectively prevent or eliminate the formation of honeycomb and hemp on the surface of concrete, and make the surface of concrete have higher flatness and glossiness. On the other hand, defoamer can eliminate a large number of air bubbles in concrete, reduce the air content and internal porosity of concrete, and improve the mechanical properties and durability of concrete. The defoamer in concrete mainly eliminates the air bubbles introduced by superplasticizer. Therefore, in engineering, polycarboxylate superplasticizer is often mixed with defoamer to solve the problem of large air intake of polycarboxylate superplasticizer.


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