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What is 525-grade white cement?

2023-08-14 15:25:59  Blog

What is 525-grade white cement?

White Portland cement refers to a hydraulic cementitious material made by grinding white Portland cement clinker with less iron oxide content, an appropriate amount of gypsum, and mixed materials (limestone and kiln dust), referred to as white cement. White cement is divided into four strength grades, 325, 425, 525, and 625. 525-grade white cement is a green and environmentally friendly product with high early strength and no radioactivity. The product has high whiteness, high strength, low alkalinity, good stability, and bright color.

Features of 525-grade White Cement

1. White cement is a hydraulic cementitious material made by adding gypsum to white Portland cement clinker and grinding it finely.

2. White cement has high whiteness and bright color.

3. White cement is mainly composed of calcium silicate, and an appropriate amount of gypsum is added to the clinker with low iron content.

What is 525-grade white cement used for?

525-grade white cement is mainly used for the decoration of buildings, such as floors, stairs, steps, exterior wall finishes, colored terrazzo, and terrazzo manufacturing, finishing mortar, artificial stone cutting, cement roughening process, marble and tile inlay, concrete Sculpture craft products, etc., and used to make colored cement, etc.

What are the disadvantages of white cement?

White cement is four times more expensive than ordinary Portland cement. White cement has lower strength than ordinary Portland cement and Pozzolana Portland cement. The lack of compressive tension of white cement hinders its use in concrete.

525-grade White Cement Supplier

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