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What is aerogel powder?

2023-08-15 15:12:54  Blog

What is aerogel powder?

Aerogel powder refers to SiO airgel powder products with nanoporous structures. This product has the characteristics of extremely high porosity, extremely low density, high specific surface area, ultra-high pore volume, etc. Also, it has excellent heat insulation performance, good sound insulation, strong adsorption, green environmental protection, flame retardant, and hydrophobic And other excellent performance.

Aerogel Powder Characteristics

1. Excellent thermal insulation performance: the thermal conductivity at room temperature (25°C) is less than 0.018W/m·K.

2. High hydrophobicity: the hydrophobic effect is like a lotus leaf, and the hydrophobicity rate is ≧90%.

3. Extremely low density: light in weight, with a porosity of over 90%.

4. Green and environmental protection: the aerogel powder is composed of inorganic materials, does not contain harmful substances to the human body, and is safe and reliable.

5. Long-lasting heat resistance: The unique nano-three-dimensional network structure provides excellent thermal stability, avoiding the long-term use of traditional thermal insulation materials.

6. Strong adsorption: Aerogel powder has a high surface area and excellent adsorption performance.

What is aerogel powder used for?

1. Aerogel powder is suitable for manufacturing water-based aerogel thermal insulation coatings and water-based airgel slurries.

2.Aerogel powder can be used for polyester chips and functional polyester films.

3. Aerogel powder can be used as filler for thermal insulation foam board.

4. Aerogel powder can be used to purify and adsorb functional fillers.

5. Aerogel powder can be used as a nano-oil displacement agent, "strongly hydrophobic and strong lipophilic," which repels water and is compatible with oil.

6. Aerogel powder can lower the density of composite materials and facilitate the thermal insulation performance, fire resistance performance, and impact resistance performance of composite materials.

Why is aerogel so expensive?

Aerogel preparation involves expensive precursors and chemicals and requires supercritical drying, making it relatively more expensive than conventional building insulation materials.

Aerogel powder Supplier

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