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What is gypsum defoamer?

2023-08-15 15:17:32  Blog

What is gypsum defoamer?

Gypsum defoamer is a defoamer particularly designed for gypsum. The main components are modified polyether, esterification, and higher carbon alcohol. Defoamers refer to substances that can reduce the surface tension of water, solutions, suspensions, etc., prevent foam formation, or reduce or eliminate the original foam. Many defoamers, such as organosiloxane, polyether, silicon, and ether graft, contain amine, imine, and amide, which have faster defoaming speeds, longer foam suppression time, and a wider range of applicable media, even harsh media environments such as high temperatures, strong acids, and strong alkali.

Features of Gypsum Defoamer

1. Gypsum defoamer has no oil drift, no suspension, is suitable for anion and cationic systems, alkali resistance, defoaming, long antifoaming time, wide application range, and good defoaming and antifoaming effect.

2. The gypsum defoamer overcomes the problems of common silicone defoamers that are prone to oil slick, demulsification, and oil slick under high temperatures and alkaline conditions.

3. Gypsum defoamer is especially suitable for defoaming and antifoaming under alkaline conditions, high-temperature resistance, strong alkali resistance, and strong stability.

What is gypsum defoamer used for?

Gypsum defoamers can be used in various construction additives, which is unlimited to the problem of gypsum foam. As cement superplasticizer, gypsum, polycarboxylate superplasticizer, cement mortar, cement mortar admixture, waterproofing agent, concrete admixture, construction admixture, and other foam problems, gypsum defoamer can be used. Industrial defoamers are mainly used in water treatment, paint, textile printing and dyeing, paper, and industrial cleaning.

What are the common defoamers?

The most widely used are mineral oil-based materials because of their best performance and lower cost. Non-organic silicon defoamers are also formulated with vegetable oils, white oils, esters, fatty alcohols, synthetic polymers, etc., according to each foaming system's characteristics, compatibility, and requirements.

Gypsum Defoamer Supplier

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