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What is redispersible polymer powder powder?

2023-08-10 15:21:44  Blog

What is redispersible polymer powder powder?

Redispersible polymer powder products are water-soluble redispersible powders, which are divided into ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymers, vinyl acetate/ethylene tertiary carbonate copolymers, acrylic acid copolymers, etc., and the powders made after spray drying are bonded agent, with polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid. This kind of powder can quickly redisperse into an emulsion after contact with water. Due to the high bonding ability and unique properties of redispersible polymer powder, such as water resistance, construction, heat insulation, etc., their application scope is extremely broad.

Features of Redispersible Polymer Powder

1. Redispersible polymer powder can improve mortar's bending and flexural strength. The polymer film formed by Redispersible polymer powder has good flexibility. Films are formed in the gaps and surfaces of cement mortar particles to form flexible connections. Thus making the brittle cement mortar elastic. When redispersible polymer powder is added to mortar, it increases the mortar's tensile and flexural resistance several times compared to ordinary mortar.

2. Redispersible polymer powder can improve mortar's bonding strength and cohesion. When the redispersible polymer powder is made into a film as an organic adhesive, it can create strong tensile and bonding strength on various substrates. This substance plays a crucial part in securing the adhesion of mortar to smooth surface substrates and organic materials like ESP and extruded foam board. The distributed film-forming polymer rubber powder acts as a reinforcing material, enhancing the cohesion of the mortar system.

3. Redispersible polymer powder can improve the mortar's impact, durability, and wear resistance. By filling the cavity of the mortar, the rubber powder particles increase the density of the mixture and enhance its wear resistance. When subjected to external force, the polymer film can undergo relaxation without sustaining damage, which allows it to remain permanently present in the mortar system.

4. Adding redispersible polymer powder to the mortar can improve its weather and freeze-thaw resistance, and cracking can be prevented. The redispersible polymer powder is a type of thermoplastic resin that provides good flexibility to the mortar. It allows the mortar to effectively handle changes in external temperature. It effectively prevents the mortar from cracking due to the change in temperature difference.

5. Redispersible polymer powder can improve the hydrophobicity of mortar and reduce water absorption. Redispersible polymer powder forms a film in the cavity and surface of the mortar. The polymer film will not be dispersed again after water exposure, preventing water intrusion. , improved impermeability. The special one with a hydrophobic effect can disperse latex powder, which has an excellent hydrophobic effect.

6. Redispersible polymer powder can improve the mortar construction and the lubricating effect between the easy-to-use polymer powder particles so that the mortar components can flow independently. The rubber powder positively impacts the air, which in turn enhances the compressibility of the mortar, resulting in improved construction and easier handling.

What is redispersible polymer powder used for?

1. Exterior wall insulation system:

Adhesive mortar: Redispersible polymer powder ensures the mortar firmly bonds the wall to the EPS board. Improve bond strength.

Plastering mortar: Redispersible polymer powder ensures the mechanical strength of the insulation system, crack resistance and durability, and impact resistance.

2. Tile adhesive and caulking agent:

Tile Adhesive: The redispersible polymer powder can create a strong bond with the mortar, allowing the mortar to be flexible and adapt to different coefficients of thermal expansion found in both the base and tiles.

Joint filler: Redispersible polymer powder makes the mortar impermeable and prevents water intrusion. At the same time, it has good adhesion, low shrinkage, and flexibility to the edge of the tile.

3. Putty for tile renovation and plastering of wooden boards:  When working with special substrates like tile surfaces, mosaic, plywood, and other smooth surfaces, using redispersible polymer powder can enhance the adhesion and bonding strength of putty. It also ensures that the putty has good flexibility to accommodate the coefficient of expansion of the base material.

4. Putty for interior and exterior walls: The use of redispersible polymer powder can enhance the bonding strength of putty and provide it with a degree of flexibility to absorb varying stretching stresses caused by different substrates. Ensure the putty has good aging resistance, impermeability, and moisture resistance.

5. Self-leveling floor mortar: Redispersible polymer powder ensures the matching of the mortar's elastic modulus, bending resistance, and crack resistance and improves the wear resistance, bonding strength, and cohesion of mortar.

6. Interface mortar: Redispersible polymer powder improves the substrate's surface strength and ensures the mortar's adhesion.

7. Cement-based waterproof mortar:  The mortar coating's waterproof performance is guaranteed by the redispersible polymer powder. Additionally, it has excellent adhesion to the base surface, which enhances the mortar's compressive and flexural strength.

8. Repairing mortar: Redispersible polymer powder ensures that the expansion coefficient of the mortar and the base material matches and reduces the elastic modulus of the mortar. Ensure the mortar has sufficient water repellency, air permeability, and cohesive force.

9. Masonry plastering mortar: Redispersible polymer powder improves water retention. Reduce the water loss of porous substrates, improve the ease of construction and operation, and improve work efficiency.

10. EPS line plastering/diatom mud: Redispersible polymer powder can improve construction workability, increase adhesion and compressive strength, reduce water loss, and prolong service life.

What is the function of redispersible polymer powder?

Add redispersible polymer powder to the mortar to increase the flexibility and cohesiveness of the mortar, which creates a continuous polymer film that helps to increase water retention, enhances the bond strength of the mortar, and improves the workability of the dry mix mortar.

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