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Analysis of Problems Existing in Production of Lightweight Partition Wall Panel

2023-11-01 14:24:34  Blog

Abstract: Foamed lightweight partition board is a partition board material made from industrial and agricultural solid waste (such as fly ash, coal gangue, rice bran, wheat straw, sawdust, etc.). It has good thermal conductivity and thermal insulation effect. It is outstanding and has a long service life. If installed and maintained properly, it can reach more than 100 years; it can be recycled. When the product life ends, almost all core materials can be pulverized and recycled, so it is very popular in the building materials industry and is widely used. However, during the construction process, joints may crack when assembling lightweight foam partition panels, which affects the construction quality.


The main reasons for joint cracking of foamed lightweight partition boards

1. Deformation of the main structure

During the construction of foam lightweight partition boards, it is inevitable to interface with the main structure. If the main structure has uneven foundation settlement, it will cause problems such as distortion and cracking of the main beams, boards, and walls. At the same time, high-rise residential buildings are affected by wind force. The impact will cause lateral swings and twisting of the walls in the building, which can induce later cracking of the foamed lightweight partition boards.

2. Unstable material properties

Foam lightweight partition board

As a cement-based material, boards inevitably have the characteristics of water absorption, thermal expansion, and shrinkage. Before entering the site for installation, the water has basically evaporated during the processing, and the water absorption and swelling rates have just stabilized. The later construction of wall grouting and wall gypsum putty painting construction is affected by moisture again; shrinkage will inevitably occur during the air-drying process. Its innate characteristics also determine that it is easily affected by changes in external humidity and temperature.


3. The installation quality is too poor

Because the foamed lightweight partition panels are directly fixed on the wall keel, the material quality and construction quality of the keel will also have a direct impact on the panel; this also requires on-site construction management personnel to do an excellent job of the incoming materials and construction process. Reasonable quality control to reduce subsequent quality problems caused by differences in construction levels. Since the fiber cement board of the foamed lightweight partition board is fixed on the keel with high-strength self-tapping screws, the number of set self-tapping screws is relatively large. Inevitably, there will be inconsistent fixing strengths, leading to inconsistent tightness at the joints of the boards fixed on the same vertical keel, resulting in cracks in the wall.

4. Improper handling of board seams

The material quality and construction level used to deal with the board joints will also have a direct impact on the board joints. High-strength gypsum or high-strength putty must be used for caulking to offset the tie coefficient between boards to ensure the tightness of the gaps. Properties: paste anti-crack bandages outside the gaps, and do not use plaster. The quality of the anti-crack bandages outside the board joints is one of the influencing factors.

Preventive measures for joint cracking of foamed lightweight partition boards

1. Ensure the stability of the main body of the building

Before preparing for the construction of the secondary structure, the foundation settlement of the main structure should be observed from time to time. Only organize the installation of the foamed concrete wall once the main structure is completed or the settlement of the main structure is stable to avoid uneven settlement of the main structure. At the same time as the cracks in the wall are removed, the lightweight foam partition panels should be synchronized with the construction of the doors, windows and walls of the building to form the integrity of the building and reduce the impact of external forces such as wind.


2. Ensure stable material performance

Fiber cement boards have material characteristics that expand when wet and shrink when dry. The boards used in the installation of foamed lightweight partition boards must use high-quality materials. The material must have a test report from the relevant local quality inspection department and a material entry retest report to reduce the impact of wall joint shrinkage changes caused by the board itself. At the same time, during the transportation and storage of the panels, attention should be paid to the impact of the storage environment, and they should not be exposed to the open air to avoid factors such as wind, sun, rain, etc. that may affect the swelling changes of the panels in the future. Conditional construction sites can allow the panels to be processed. A constant-temperature storage room is provided behind the site specifically for storing fiber cement boards; remember not to expose the boards in an open area.

3. Strictly control construction quality

During the installation process, construction quality must be strictly controlled. A comprehensive, reasonable, and operable construction plan and technical explanation must be developed before construction to provide sufficient technical support for on-site construction. A particular plan must be developed in advance for common quality problems that are prone to occur. Conduct in-depth technical briefings with the management personnel and construction personnel involved in the construction at the site to ensure the construction level of each participant and avoid blind construction.



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