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Dry information | What are lightweight partition boards? How to install indoor partition boards?

2023-11-08 08:56:51  Blog

A lightweight partition board is a new type of partition material. Its material mainly contains polystyrene particles, cement foam as the sandwich layer, and fiber-reinforced calcium silicate boards as the panels on both sides. These three raw materials themselves are Made of lightweight materials. The lightweight partition panels are also lightweight and easy to carry. There are concave and convex grooves on both sides of the lightweight partition board. When installing, you only need to align the two sides and then apply caulking mortar. The installation is simple and can reduce labor intensity and time costs.

Lightweight partition boards have many advantages. They have high strength and strong impact resistance, can withstand a certain amount of pressure and external impact, and are not easily damaged or deformed. This makes the lightweight partition board walls have good integrity and long service life. Secondly, the lightweight partition board has good fire protection effect. At a high temperature of 1000°C, the fire resistance limit can reach about 3 hours. It is not easy to burn. The non-flammability is A1 level standard and the flame retardant effect is good. At the same time, the lightweight partition board also has a very good thermal insulation effect. Its thermal conductivity is 0.12W/(m·k), which can keep warmth in winter and block heat from entering the room in summer, providing a comfortable indoor environment. In addition, lightweight partition boards are waterproof and moisture-proof and have good impermeability. Even in humid environments, they are not prone to salt brine, mold, etc.


Lightweight partition boards can be used as internal partition materials, such as office partitions, home partitions, warehouse internal partitions, building internal partitions, etc. They can also be used as external partition walls, such as insulated houses, cold storage, steel structure houses, etc. Factory firewalls, laboratory exterior walls and other places.

The commonly used size of lightweight partition boards is 2440*610 mm, with various thicknesses, 75, 90, 100, 120, 150, 200 mm. You can choose according to the architectural design or consult the manufacturer. In addition, lightweight partition boards. It has good plasticity and can be arbitrarily punched, slotted, routed, and wired on the wall. Ceramic tiles, curtains, wallpapers, etc., can also be pasted on the surface.

How to install lightweight partition boards

With the improvement of people's consumption concept, the requirements for living environment are also getting higher and higher. Indoor partition wall demolition and new construction are relatively common types in the field of decoration in recent years. The emergence of modern decoration materials has provided more choices for the installation of indoor partition walls. Lightweight partition boards are one of the common and popular materials.

Lightweight partition board is a new type of building material commonly used in modern partition walls. Its main structure is that the two-sided panels are A1 grade fireproof boards, and the sandwich layer is made of polystyrene particle cement foam mixture. Its installation is simple; it can divide a large space into multiple small spaces to improve space utilization, and it is available in a variety of thicknesses, 75-200 mm.


The installation method of indoor partition panels is divided into several steps:

1. Preparation before installation

First of all, we must make preparations before construction, such as ensuring that the wall surface is flat, has no obvious concave and convex, and has a good pasting foundation; calculate materials according to the actual wall and wall panel area to ensure that the purchased lightweight partition panels can cover the entire wall; clean the site and take dust-proof measures to avoid affecting the quality of the project.

2. Installation method

(1) Determine the location: Before installation, you need to determine the location and size first and then select the appropriate size and quantity according to actual needs.

(2) Prepare construction tools and materials: Before installing lightweight partition boards, you need to prepare the required construction tools and materials.

(3) Install the keel: At the partition position, install the keel according to the design drawings, mark the position of the keel on the wall, and then fix the keel to the wall with screws.

(4) Install the lightweight partition board: After the keel is installed, place the lightweight partition board on the keel, and then use screws to fix the partition board to the keel, paying attention to the flatness and verticality.

(5) Caulking: Caulking the joints between lightweight partition boards to avoid obvious gaps at the joints after decoration

(6) Painting and decoration: After the installation of the lightweight partition boards is completed, painting and decoration can be carried out according to actual needs to make the partitions more beautiful.


Will lightweight partition panels crack?

The reasons of cracks in lightweight partition boards

1. The quality of the lightweight partition board itself. The quality of lightweight partition boards is controlled by the manufacturer's raw materials (such as cementitious materials, reinforced materials, and filling materials). Imperfect quality control of any raw materials or lax production process that does not meet national standards will result in It is also expected that the lightweight partition boards will crack, which directly affects the use effect and service life of the lightweight partition boards.

2. Reasons for the construction of lightweight partition boards. If it is not the fault of the lightweight partition board itself, but there are errors or lack of steps during the construction of the lightweight partition board, or the construction workers are not skilled, etc., these construction factors will also indirectly lead to the failure of the lightweight partition board when used. Cracks will occur, which will affect the use effect and service life of the lightweight partition board.

3. External climate factors. Just like us, the dryness and lack of water in summer and autumn will cause dry lips. The same goes for lightweight partition boards. They will also become particularly brittle, which will cause shrinkage and cracking when the lightweight partition boards are used. The situation, which in turn affects the use effect and service life of lightweight partition boards.


How to deal with cracks in lightweight partition walls?

1. Cracks in the lightweight partition board itself

(1) If it is a small crack, use a danglin cloth or kraft paper, or bean bag cloth to stick it on the partition.

(2) If the interface between the broken part of the board and the two adjacent boards exceeds 30 cm, you can use a gray knife (or cross) to scratch the crack into a V shape (the upper opening is about 5mm wide and the depth is about 5mm -10 mm) before applying sand dust.

(3) If the interface between two adjacent panels is less than 30 cm, try to replace it with a new lightweight partition board.

2. Cracks caused by lightweight partition board construction

If it is a load-bearing wall or a solid wall, the cause of cracking may be that the putty is too thick during the construction process, or the putty is pasted before it is dry, or the old house becomes a flat wall. For example, if the old wall is cracked when repairing the cracks, it is required to remove all the original base putty and impurities and then re-treat the base layer before construction.



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