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What is aerogel felt?

2023-08-18 08:34:05  Blog

Aerogel felt is a flexible insulation made of nano silica or metal aerogel as the main material, carbon fibre or ceramic glass fibre cotton, or pre-oxidized fibre felt through a special process, whose characteristics are low thermal conductivity, certain tensile and compressive strength. It belongs to a new type of pipeline insulation material.

Features of Aerogel Felt 

1. Arogel felt is currently the solid thermal insulation material with the lowest thermal conductivity at about 400°C. In contrast, its thermal conductivity exexceeds the micro-nano thermal insulation series in the high-temperature range of 400-1000°C.

2. Aerogel felt has various features, such as softness, easy cutting, low density, inorganic fire prevention, overall hydrophobicity, green environmental protection, etc. It is capable of replacing traditional flexible insulation materials like glass fibre products, asbestos insulation felt, silicate fibre products, etc. 

3. Density of aerogel felt is 180220kg/m³, applicable temperature -200℃—+400℃, thermal conductivity: 0.018w/m·k (at 25℃).

4. Aerogel felt has absolute hydrophobicity (below 350°C).

5. Aerogel felt has an excellent heat insulation effect. Aerogel felt provides 2-5 times more insulation than conventional insulation. Its theoretical service life, determined by the Arrhenius experiment, is almost 20 years as long as the building.

2. Aerogel felt can reduce the thickness of the insulation layer. Aerogel felt achieves the same thermal insulation consequence, while the thickness is only a fraction of other traditional materials. In addition, the heat loss is small, and the space utilization rate is high after heat preservation and at high temperatures; the above performance advantages are more obvious.

3. Aerogel is hydrophobic and fireproof. The aerogel felt is hydrophobic, effectively preventing moisture from entering the interior of the pipeline and the equipment. Simultaneously, with the building A1 fireproof performance, aerogel's unique three-dimensional network structure avoids the obvious decline in the insulation effect, such as sintering deformation and settlement during long-term high-temperature use that other insulation materials have.

4. Aerogel felt is lightweight, easy to cut and sew to meet various shapes of pipes and equipment for heat preservation requirements and requires less time and human resources for installation.

What is aerogel felt used for?

1. Aerogel felt can be used for thermal insulation of industrial storage tanks, kiln LNG and cold chain equipment.

2. Construction: Aerogel felt can be used for thermal insulation of exterior walls, interior walls, roofs of industrial buildings, fire protection and thermal insulation of steel frame structures, and paint-coated fabric thermal insulation products.

3. Military use: Aerogel felt can be used for thermal insulation of large ships and submarines, heat insulation of engines, chimneys, LNG carriers and pipelines, and fire protection.

4. Transportation: Aerogel felts can be used for new energy vehicles and rail transit; fire and heat insulation for power batteries, engines, and automobiles; high-speed railways, subways, and trains for overall heat preservation and fire protection; and high and low-temperature transportation pipelines for cold and heat insulation.

5. Aviation: Aerogels have been applied to next-generation aero-engine heat shields, aero-engine combustion chamber heat shields, missile head heat shields, and can also be used as efficient heat insulation and noise reduction materials for nuclear submarines, nuclear reactors, and evaporators, and It is widely used in military equipment integrating stealth, noise isolation, and explosion protection.

Can aerogel be used in clothing?

Aerogels can be incorporated into textiles without necessarily reducing breathability. In another study, the silica aerogel phase change material applied to fabrics as a coating was also found to reduce air permeability.

Aerogel Felt Supplier

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