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What is concrete foaming agent?

2023-08-08 16:09:20  Blog

What is concrete foaming agent?

Concrete foaming agent is a type of admixture that helps create stable and uniform foam by reducing the surface tension of a liquid. It is commonly used for producing foamed concrete. A foaming agent is a substance that creates a lot of foam when air is introduced into its aqueous solution through mechanical force. A surfactant or surface-active substance relies on surface activity to produce foam. Without surface activity, it cannot be a foaming agent. Therefore, surface activity is crucial to the creation of foam.

Features of concrete foaming agent

1. Concrete foaming agent is a large surfactant supramolecular aqueous solution.

2. Its hydrophilic groups form a two-dimensional plane structure through chemical bonds, and many hydrophobic groups are bonded to one side of the two-dimensional plane, so its foam performance can be compared with sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate. It is comparable to that, and its foam is more combined with cement, fly ash, slag, mortar, and other raw materials after contacting it. Bulk density is a foam concrete foaming agent for foam concrete made of various mixtures.

3. Concrete foaming agent also has the advantages of low absorption rate, strong foaming rate, balanced density, long-lasting foam, high strength, etc. It is an environmentally friendly and powerful foaming agent.

What is concrete foaming agents used for?

1. Concrete foaming agent can be used for heat insulation layer of ground radiant heating and roof heat insulation

2. Concrete foaming agent can be used to fill wall blocks inside and outside buildings, soundproof walls

3. Concrete foaming agents can be used for thermal insulation, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion of municipal pipelines such as water supply, heating, oil pipelines, etc.

4. Concrete foaming agent can be used in the construction of plant cultivation greenhouses and cold storage

5. Concrete foaming agent can be used to fill the internal voids of tunnels and building gaps

6. Concrete foaming agent can be used for laying the base of sidewalks, sports fields, and courts

How to make concrete foaming agents?

Commercial foaming agents are usually detergent-based, so that you can use an over-the-counter dish soap such as Dawn, Axion, Seventh Generation Natural, or any other brand of dish soap. Dilute the cleaner 1 in 40, or 2 cups of cleaner in 5 gallons of water.

Concrete Foaming Agent Supplier

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