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What is triterpene saponin air-entraining agent?

2023-08-11 16:20:21  Blog

What is triterpene saponin air-entraining agent?

Triterpene saponin air-entraining agent is a plant-based air-entraining agent. The air-entraining agent is an admixture that introduces many uniformly distributed micro-bubbles into the mortar and concrete during mixing and can remain in them after hardening. It is mainly used to improve the workability and consistency of plastic mortar and concrete, reduce bleeding and segregation, and improve the durability of hardened mortar and concrete. It is composed of a small part of surface-active substances.

Features of Triterpene Saponin Air-entraining Agent

1. The appearance of triterpene saponin air-entraining agent is light yellow powder.

2. Triterpene saponins are easily soluble in water and have strong chemical stability in acids, alkalis, and hard water.

3. Triterpene saponin is an amphiphilic compound that can form a stable foam in water and is often used to make detergents, foaming agents, and emulsifiers.

4. The dosage of triterpene saponins is small, and the cost of use is low. The number of air bubbles that can be introduced into the concrete is as many as 1 billion, and the introduced air bubbles are discontinuous closed spheres with a pore diameter range of 0.02-0.2 mm, uniform distribution, and good stability.

What is triterpene saponin air-entraining agent used for?

The air-entraining agent is primarily used to enhance the concrete's ability to withstand frost and protect it against the corrosive effects of deicing salt on road surfaces. In addition, air-entraining agents can also improve many properties of concrete, such as reducing bleeding, improving fluidity and permeability, and improving resistance to cracks caused by alternating expansion and contraction. The triterpene saponin air-entraining agent has a small dosage, which can improve the performance of concrete. When the air content is less than 3%, the strength of the concrete increases slightly; when the air content increases, the strength of the concrete decreases continuously. When the air content in the coagulation is 3%~6%, the frost resistance and impermeability are improved.

What is the chemical composition of the air-entraining agent?

Air-entraining agents usually contain rosin resin, alkyl sulfonate, fatty alcohol sulfonate, protein salt, and petroleum sulfonate, among which rosin resin is widely used.

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